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The K2 Marlee SL Adjustable Inline Skates for Girls 2013 are a great choice for kids who want to get into skating and parents that love the value of buying one skate that will fit up to 4 sizes. At the speed that kids grow, five full sizes of adjustability will keep these skates in use for more then a month and designed with K2 Speed Lacing, the Marlee SL skates are ready for kids to experience the fun that is inline skating. The Marlee SL skates also feature a composite frame that is interlocked to help provide more balance and reduce vibrations.

  • Model Year: 2013
  • Model Number: i130203401
  • Type: Junior Adjustable Recreational Inline Skates
  • Level: All Levels
  • Fit Guidelines: Standard width. Adjustable to 4 different sizes.
  • Sizing Guidelines: K2 skates generally fit true to size. If close to the largest size of a range (size 1.5 for example), order the next range up (1.0 - 5.0).
    • Adjustable Sizes Y11 - 2.0
    • Adjustable Sizes 1.0 - 5.0
    • Adjustable Sizes 4.0 - 8.0


  • SoftBoot Adjustable Construction
    • Expands 5 Sizes
    • Push Button Expansion
  • Closures/Cuff
    • Stability Plus Cuff
      • Perfect blend of support and comfort
    • K2 Speed Lacing
      • Holds tension easier and better then traditional lacing
      • Easy-on, Easy-off
    • Velcro 45 Degree Powerstrap
    • Ratchet Buckle Ankle Strap
  • Frames
    • F.B.I.
      • Interlocking frame and base reduces road vibrations
      • Great for new skaters or rough terrain
      • Improves overall skating comfort
  • K2 70mm 80A Wheels (Max 76mm)
  • ABEC3 Skate Bearings
  • Indoor/Outdoor Non Marking Brake
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K2 Adjustable Inline Skates Girls

  • The K2 Marlee Adjustable Inline Skates for Girls. A top seller as they combine a great price, quality and softboot comfort that K2 has become known for. A great choice for kids just getting into rollerblading and parents that love value. The K2 Marlee Skates adust up to 5 full sizes each.  So it's easy to order and you can have confidence they'll last for years of fun. Standard lacing used. 

  • The K2 Marlee Pro Adjustable Inline Skates for Girls have slightly larger wheels with Speed Lacing closure for an even better fit over the standard Marlee model. This a little easier on parents as it easier to lace up on their own. Adjusts to cover five full sizes to provide years of fun. The Marlee Pro features a composite frame that is interlocked to help provide balance and reduce vibrations.

  • The K2 Charm X Pro Adjustable Inline Skates for girls are equipped with Speed Lacing like the other Pro models from K2, but they have slightly larger wheels in a HiLo setup with 76mm wheels in the back two positions and 72mm in the front. It doesn't make them any harder to skate or even feel as if two different wheel sizes are used. The larger back wheels allow for more speed and ease to get over cracks and bumps, with the smaller front wheels assisting with control and maneuverability. Adjustable to 5 different sizes.

  • The K2 Charm X Boa Adjustable Inline Skates for girls are the same as the X Pro model, other than their use of the Boa Closure System. This simple turn dial lacing system allows toddlers to easily get going on their own without assistance. The HiLo wheel setup uses 76mm wheels in the back to positions for better speeds and ease to get over cracks and bumps. 72mm in the front allow for control in maneuverability.  Adjusts to five sizes for years of fun.

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