K2 inline skates are known for their patented softboot technology that you can feel right out of the box with little to no break in. Many models now also incorporate the lifetime guaranteed BOA speedlacing for easy on and off or mid-skate adjustments.
Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

K2 Performance Skates for Men - Intermediate & Advanced

K2 Performance Inline Skates have wheels ranging from 100mm to 110mm, making them a popular choice with men familiar with inline skating technique, and those that use inline skating as a serious fitness activity or for skating long distances such as marathons. Returning are the Radical and VO2 line of inline skates. The top of the line Radical X Boa Skates showcase the lifetime guaranteed BOA speedlacing and a HiLo 110/100mm wheel setup. Also returning in new colors are the Radical 100 and VO2 models.
    • Level: Advanced
    • Wheel Size: 110/100mm HiLo
    • Unisex Model - Sized in Men's Sizing


    The flag ship high performance skate from K2. Equipped with a carbon base and cuff for added energy transfer, Boa Speedlacing and HiLo frames (110mm wheels in the back two positions, and 100mm in the front). HiLo allows the skater to enjoy speeds of larger wheels, while allowing for a lower deck height to ease maneuverability. A great choice for experience skaters looking for top end speed, but with the comfort and ventiallation of K2's patented softboot. 

    Sizes Available: 6.5, 8.0
    • Level: Advanced
    • Wheels Size: 4x100mm


    The K2 Radical 100 inline skates are for men that take their inline skating seriously, but not at the expense of sacrificing comfort. Great for long distance skating, marathons and/or cross-training. The K2 Radical Series of inline skates feature longer frames and lower cut boots compared to others in the K2 lineup. This caters to the longer strides of experienced skaters and allows for better range of motion to get on the edge of the wheels at push off. A carbon base assists to add rigidity for energy transfer, but K2's soft boot still puts comfort at the forefront. 

K2 Fitness and Recreational Skates for Men - All Levels

K2 Fitness and Recreational Inline Skates target a wide range skaters. The Kinetic and Fit 80 skates feature smaller wheels for control and maneuverability. For men more comfortable on wheels or those wanting more speed and performance, the Fit X Pro, Fit 84 and VO2 90 models provide that. All options work well for the occasional skater or fitness cross-trainer looking to mix up their workout routine.
  • The K2 VO2 100 X Pro Inline Skates return in 2016 with a splash. A green splash! The VO2 100 X Pro skates utilizes Performance Hi-Lo Technology Frames that have 100mm wheels in the back two positions, with 90mm in the front two, allowing the skater to take advantage of the acceleration and maneuverability of smaller front wheels, while enjoying the speed of the larger rear wheels.

  • The K2 VO2 90 BOA Inline Skates for men are similar to the VO2 90 Pro, but for its red and black color way and use of the Boa® Lacing Closure System which allows for fine-tuning fit while skating and easy on and off. Boa Lacing (lifetime guarantee) gives a consistent and even wrap around the foot with just the turn of the dial.

    • Level: All Levels
    • Wheel Size: 84/80mm Hi Lo

    The K2 FIT X Pro Inline Skates feature the Fitness Hi-Lo Frames that utiize 84mm wheels in the back two positions, and 80mm in front. The different sized wheels are not noticeable when standing straight up, but when skating they provide the speed of an 84mm, with the maneuverability of an 80mm. it also helps to maintain a lower center for increased control. Great for all levels of inline skaters.


    Sizes Available: 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.5
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