K2 inline skates are known for their patented softboot technology that provide comfort right out of the box with no break in time. Look for the Boa Speedlacing feature for easy turn dial adjustment.

All inline skates are fitness skates that bring fun and good health. IW has differentiated these fitness skates by intended use, whether it be for Recreational, Urban, Cross-Training, or Speed skating.

Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

K2 Recreation Inline Skates for Men

Recreational Inline Skates target entry-level or casual inline skater. Wheel sizes range from 78mm to 80mm to keep speed under control. Stability , comfort and confidence are the objectives. Performance features are limited and price points are low. Look at 84mm skates in the cross-training category should you seek a little more speed or performance.

K2 Cross-Training Inline Skates for Men

K2 Cross-Trainer Inline Skates range from 84mm to 110mm in wheel size. Recreational skaters can still enjoy those at 84mm, but with additional performance features built in, those planning to skate longer and harder will benefit most from the K2 Skates found here.
    • Wheels: 2x84 ; 2x80
    • Type: Recreational ; Cross-Training
    • Level: Beginner and Intermediate


    K2 FIT X Pro Inline Skates can supplement workouts for cross-trainers or give recreational skaters a more versatile fitness machine. They feature Hi-Lo Frames that utiize 84mm wheels in the back two positions, and 80mm in front. The allows for greater top speed, while still maintaining maneuverability.

    Sizes Available: 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 13.0, 14.0
    • Wheels: 4x84mm
    • Type: Recreational ; Cross-Training
    • Level: Beginner and Intermediate

    K2 Fit Pro 84 Inline Skates for Men are terrific for recreation or fitness training activities. At 84mm wheel size, they can be enjoyed by most, but recommended for intermediate and better skaters. SoftBoots and die-cast aluminum frames ensure a good mix of comfort and performance.

    • Wheels: 4x100mm
    • Type: Cross-Training
    • Level: Advanced and Expert

    The K2 Radical 100 skates work great for long distance skating, marathons and/or serious cross-training. Radical skates have longer frames and lower cut boots compared to others in the K2 lineup. This caters to the longer stride of experienced skaters. Discontinued model - Priced for Clearance !

    Sizes Available: 6.5
    • Wheels: 4x84mm
    • Type: Recreational ; Cross-Training
    • Level: Intermediate


    The K2 FIT 84 BOA is a popular choice for its versatility and features. At 84mm, it can be used to supplement workouts or just for fun. The K2 Softboot design still remains the basis of it's performance and comfort, with this version using the Boa Speedlacing (lifetime guarantee against breakage).

K2 Urban Inline Skates

K2 Urban inline skates are versatile in that they are designed for quickness, control and maneuverability. Performance features promote response and energy transfer, but otherwise they are able to be enjoyed by all skill levels.

K2 Aggressive Inline Skates

K2 was among the original aggressive skate manufacturers. K2 is known for their soft boot design which makes for an incredibly comfortable skate. The K2 Fatty skate has largely remained the same over the years and continues to be a favorite of old and new school skaters. The K2 Fatty is light in weight even when compared to those made from carbon materials. The K2 Fatty Pro suits skaters of any level. Introduced later to the lineup, the K2 Varsity Skate features not only K2's patented soft boot design, but a larger soul plate for more grinding surface.

Looking for a more customized aggressive inline skate? Check out our Custom Skate Builder where you can combine any available boot, frame, wheel and bearing setup of your choice for that truly unique skate.

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