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K2 skates are categorized by intended use and skill level. Men's skates are built around a male foot last and sized in US Men's shoe sizes.

K2 Performance Inline Skates - For Men

Performance Skates for Intermediate and Advanced Levels feature boots with more flex, larger wheels, and some come without a brake attached. These skates are intended for use by those that are already familiar with inline skating and advanced skating techniques, or are using inline skating as a serious fitness activity such as training for marathons and races.
  • The flagship of K2's Training lineup, is the K2 Radical X Boa Skates for 2014 comes with Boa Speedlacing (Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage) and all new colors.

    • Unisex last and fit. Skates are shown and displayed on box in Men's Size. Women must size down accordingly.
  • The K2 Radical 100 inline skates for Men are a great choice for skaters that take their training and skating more seriously. Good for long distance skating, marathons, cross-training, and the like, the Radical Skate Series has longer frames and slightly lower cut cuffs than K2's other models.

  • The K2 VO2 100 X BOA Inline Skates for 2014 bring all the bells and whistles K2 has to offer in this holy grail of cross training skates. The K2 Softboot design still remains the standard and the basis of it's performance, but this version uses the BOA speedlacing (lifetime guarantee against breakage, and combined with the new VO2 cuff, this skate ensures optimal comfort without any loss of power transfer.

  • The K2 VO2 100 X Pro Inline Skates for 2014 are the perfect choice for skaters interested in speed, but without giving up the support found in a fitness skate. The revolutionary Vortech Ventilation System was designed to allow maximum air flow and minimize moisture buildup to produce a skate that's just as comfortable training in as it would be for completing marathons.

  • The K2 Radical Pro Boa Skates come with the Boa Speedlacing (lifetime guarantee against breakage) and all new colors. The Radical Pro features a carbon fiber base AND cuff to be light and strong. Radical HiLo frames use 110mm in the rear, and 100mm in the front to keep you low to the ground for added control and stability although skating large wheels. This along with K2's softboot construction makes the Radical Pro comfortable, fast, and light. Great for long distance, training, marathons, etc.

    • Considered unisex, skates are ordered and displayed on product box as Men's Size. Women will need to order approximately 1.5 size smaller based on their US shoe size. See K2 size chart.

    Sizes Available: 6.5

K2 Fitness and Recreational Inline Skates - For Men

Fitness and Recreational Skates can be used by the majority of inline skaters and are great for short distance or occasional fitness workout routines, alternate forms of transportation, and as a supplement to any outdoor activity. These skates feature small wheels, attached brakes, and extra support in the cuffs or shell.
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