K2 inline skates are known for their patented softboot technology that provide comfort right out of the box with no break in time. Look for the Boa Speedlacing feature for easy turn dial adjustment.

All inline skates are fitness skates that bring fun and good health. IW has differentiated these fitness skates by intended use, whether it be for Recreational, Urban, Cross-Training, Performance or Speed Skating. The minimum skill level recommended for each is also provided.

Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

K2 High Performance Cross-Training Skates for Men

K2 High Performance Cross-Trainer Inline Skates have wheels ranging from 100mm to 110mm. The boots have a slightly lower cuff height than others in the K2 lineup. Together they allow for speed and range in motion which are best suited for experienced inline skaters, skating long distances.

K2 Recreation and Cross-Training Skates for Men

Recreational and Cross-Trianing Inline Skate make up the widest range of skates with models at 78mm through 100mm wheel size. The Kinetic and Fit 80 models with smaller wheels are aimed at the occasional or recreational blader with control and maneuverability. For those more comfortable on wheels seeking more performance and speed, check out the F.I.T. 84 and VO2 models with varying performance features.
    • Wheels: 4x84mm
    • Type: Recreational / Cross-Training
    • Minimum Skill Level: Intermediate

    K2 Fit Pro 84 Inline Skates for Men are terrific for recreation or fitness training activities. At 84mm wheel size, they can be enjoyed by most, but recommended for intermediate and better skaters. SoftBoots and die-cast aluminum frames ensure a good mix of comfort and performance.

    • Wheels: 4x80mm
    • Type: Recreational
    • Minimum Skill Level: Beginner

    Speed is kept manageable and control high with the K2 FIT 80 Skate. A Frame Base Interlocking System (FBI) consists of a single piece composite plastic frame attached to the base. This helps to improve comfort and dampen vibration on rougher surfaces. 

K2 Urban Inline Skates

    • Wheels: 4x80mm
    • Type: Urban / Recreation
    • Minimum Skill Level: Beginner

    K2 Midtown UFS Urban Inline Skates blend fitness, fun and function. UFS mounting allows for use of any aggressive frames, but the stock 247mm frames are quick and maneuverable. Also available in blue. 

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