K2 was among the original aggressive skate manufacturers. K2 is known for their soft boot design which makes for an incredibly comfortable skate. The K2 Fatty skate has largely remained the same over the years and continues to be a favorite of old and new school skaters. The K2 Fatty is light in weight even when compared to those made from carbon materials. The K2 Fatty Pro suits skaters of any level. Introduced later to the lineup, the K2 Varsity Skate features not only K2's patented soft boot design, but a larger soul plate for more grinding surface.

Looking for a more customized aggressive inline skate? Check out our Custom Skate Builder where you can combine any available boot, frame, wheel and bearing setup of your choice for that truly unique skate.

Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

K2 Aggressive Inline Skates

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