I Win Pro Guard Elite IW Hockey Hockey Blade Covers
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I Win Pro Guard Elite IW Hockey Hockey Blade Covers

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  • Model Number: 7049C
  • Pro Guard Elite Recommended Sizing Guideline:
    Guard Size / Skate Size
    Youth / 5.5 and smaller
    Adult / 6.0 and larger

  • Designed to cover your ice hockey blades
  • Reinforced nylon strip on bottom allows for walking
    • Allows less wear and tear on these super absorbent cotton terry blade covers
  • Extremely soft liner wicks away and absorbs moisture
  • Protects blades from nearby equipment
  • Screened IW and Ice Warehouse logo on both sides
  • Manufactured by Pro Guard
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Comments: Great quality product and they fit perfect on my CCM RibCor 8 1/2 size skates.
From: Chris, Omaha, NE

Comments: I really like these.  Well made with a soft interior and a nylon reinforced bottom of added protection.  The only negative is the length.  I wear a 7.5 Bauer and it take almost all the cover.  If you are above an 8/8.5 I would be caution.
From: Brad, Fairfield, PA

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Youth 2+
Adult 2+
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