Hockey Skate Lace Bite Pads (Pair)
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Hockey Skate Lace Bite Pads (Pair)

Eliminate lace bite on any pair of skates with these universal lace bite pads. These pads lace on top of the tongue giving extra support, while still allowing for flex of the boot.

  • Lace Bite is pressure from the laces on the tendons running on top of the foot. This can cause sharp pains or an uncomfortable pressure on top of the foot
  • These pads fit between the tongue and laces
  • In addition they offer some added protection for blocking shots
  • Complete with (2) pads
  • Fits most adult size skates
  • Approximately 9" x 3.5"
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Comments: I used them for 2 games. Yes they take away the lace bite but also they took away any feeling for the skate and lacing the skate is problematic. Can't tighten them enough that the leg would not move inside. or me they are too thick and I can't use them.
From: Eikki, Reston, VA

Comments: I fully disagree with that review from above, i just used the lace bite pads in a game and they are completely legit. NO lacebite, super comfy and absolutely worth every penny.
From: Mark, AZ

Comments:I did not find these pads useful. They were far to rigid and thick to be affective. Due to their thickness and rigidity, they did not conform well to the contour of the skate tongue (curvature up the front and across the top of the skate tongue). This ended up causing odd pressure points, and defeated the purpose of the pads. A side note is that even on an adult size 10 skate these pads made it difficult to lace the skates and to tighten them.
From: Greg AZ USA

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