Hockey Skate Exterior Protection

  • The Skate Fenders Pro offer an even higher grade of polycarbonate construction for stronger and more flexible protection than the standard Skate Fenders while being even slightly lighter, which is why they have the darker tint color. The Skate Fenders Pro provide more impact energy dissipation and still have all the same great features of the standard model. The Skate Fenders Pro are designed to protect the feet against pucks, sticks and other mayhem. 

  • The Skate Fenders Compact Pro offers great low-profile protection to the front and sides of your skates. The Compact Pro fenders are cut down, focusing the protection on the tongue and ankle areas making them lighter.  The Skate Fenders are made out of a higher grade polycarbonate providing great impact energy dissipation and giving it that dark tinted color.

  • The Nash Custom Molded Lexan Skate Guard Wraps are fully heat moldable to provide customized protection around your skates. This allows you to block shots without fear and also protects without adding a lot of extra weight to your skates.

  • The ShotBlocker XT Exterior Protectors are perfect for the player who's looking for comprehensive protection for the top of the foot. These ShotBlockers were specifically designed to protect the foot without adding significant weight or restriction on a player's skating stride like other similar shot blocking products do. These ShotBlocker XT's are very easy to install, to lace-up and to unlace thanks to the "quick snap" feature. The top portion of the shot blocker snaps into the bottom piece, exposing the top eyelets by holding down the bottom section of the ShotBlocker and keeping it out of the way of the top laces.


  • The ShotBlocker XT Shorty Exterior Protectors are an ideal choice for the player who wants a minimalistic, low-profile protector for the top of the foot, or for the player who wears their shin guards over their tongue.  While it does not cover most of the lower ankle like the standard ShotBlocker XT, the XT Shorty does a great job of shielding the top of the foot. The XT Shorty features a hinged two-piece design that does not restrict a player's skating stride, like other shot blockers on the market do.


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