If you want to be the best, you have to practice like it, so IW Hockey carries a wide variety of Hockey Goals and Nets for all skill levels so that you can get that extra practice off the rink.
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Hockey Goals & Nets

  • The EZ Goal Folding Official Deluxe Hockey Goal is everything a hockey goal can be. This package includes a regulation-sized hockey goal, an adjustable backstop rebounder that will keep stray pucks from damaging goods, a heavy duty shooter tutor and a 4-target system that will hone in a sharpshooter's skills.

  •  The EZ Goal Folding Official Hockey Goal with Backstop and Targets is great for the sharpshooter looking to perfect their sniping skills. Parents will also enjoy having this around to help protect their valuable windows, vehicles, garage doors, and so on.

  • The Bauer Official Performance Steel Hockey Goal is a regulation size hockey net at a great price. Featuring the same design as pro-style nets, the top shelf is open for sniping. The durable 1.75" steel construction ensures street hockey players will be able to use the net for long time.

  • The Bauer Official Pro Steel Goal is the ultimate goal, with a heavy gauge 2" steel pipes designed to hold up against any pucks shot its way. The regulation-sized goal features a snap together construction with hooks to hold the net in place, so assembly and takedown are simple. 

  • The Bauer Rec Steel Hockey Goal is a sturdy street hockey goal with a 1.25" steel construction. Its smaller dimensions (50" x 41") make it a perfect goal for street hockey or younger players in need of some shooting practice. 

  • The Bauer Street Hockey Goal Set has everything you need to get started out in the street. Complete with a PVC plastic goal, shooter tutor, hockey ball and stick, this street hockey set is endless hours of fun in a single box.

  • The Bauer Junior Rec Steel Hockey Goal is a great training tool for junior goal scorers. The 1" steel construction makes it lightweight to carry outdoors for intense street hockey games and the sleeve netting system allows it to be set up in minutes. 

  • The Bauer Mini Steel Hockey Goal is the perfect net for youth hockey. Featuring a durable steel construction and strong polyester netting, this hockey goal will hold its own against the young hockey players. The mini steel goal also boasts a sleeve netting system which makes assembly simple. Its youth-size dimensions (36" x 24") make it easily portable to and from the rink. 

  • An official sized hockey goal. Constructed of heavy gauge 2" powder coated 2" Steel. Easy to assemble. Size: 6' x 4' Regulation size.

  • The CCM Official Street Hockey Goal 72" x 48" is a regulation size hockey goal that's designed for a life on the streets. Its 2" steel construction enhances the durability, as does the weatherproof powder coated finish. Assembly is simple with its no tool setup and the durable mesh netting easily hooks into the welded metal loops. 

  • The Mylec Official Pro PVC Hockey Goals offer a great value price, and is ideal for an epic street hockey battle. This Mylec goal is designed for ball street hockey use. Easy to assemble. Size: 6' x 4' Regulation Size.


  • The Mylec PVC Folding Hockey Goals Senior offers a great value price, and is ideal for some good ol' fashion driveway and street hockey. This Mylec goal is designed for ball street hockey use. Can be folded for easier storage. 

    Size: 54" X 24" X 44"

  • The Mylec PVC Folding Hockey Goals Junior offers a great value price, and is ideal for some good ol' fashion driveway and street hockey. This Mylec goal is designed for ball street hockey use. Can be folded for easier storage. 

    Size: 48" X 18" X 37"

  • The Mylec Pop Up Hockey Goal is perfect for players who are looking for a goal that can be taken anywhere and set up in seconds. To set it up for game play, simply fold it open and choose between shooting on an open net or flip it over and shoot on a shooter tutor. To put the net away after practice, fold the net flat and it can be stored just about anywhere!

  • The Bauer Hockey Goal Replacement Net is the ideal replacement net for the Bauer Deluxe Rec Steel Goal and other goals using a sleeve net. The sleeve net slides on super easily for a quick change, making sure that you don't lose precious training time. 

  • The Bauer Hockey Goal Replacement Net is the perfect street hockey net replacement for the Bauer Junior Rec Steel goal. It also fits most 48" x 37" hockey goals that use a sleeve net system. Because of this sleeve net system, assembly and attachment is very simple when it is time to replace the netting. 

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