Rollerblade offers a wide range of skates that offer specific lasts designed for the anatomy of women's feet. Some higher range skates are only offered in unisex sizes and will be identified in the product description. If shopping for a unisex skate, be sure to follow the sizing guidelines as indicated. All skates designated as "Women's" are already sized in standard US women's sizes.
Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

RB Performance Skates for Women - Intermediate & Advanced

Rollerblade's Tempest skates return to now include a carbon base in 2015 models. They fit narrow to prevent loss of energy transfer within the boot. Also in this category are the large wheel setups in the Macroblade series. This category is intended for those familiar with inline skating, skating techniques and/or are comfortable on wheels. A great choice for serious fitness activity, cross-training, or for skating distances such as marathons.
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    The Rollerblade Tempest 100C Inline Skates are among the highest performing women's skates in Rollerblade's lineup. Has a low profile cuff for increased range in motion, but still offers support and stability. This is the last step if progressing toward a true speed boot and new is a carbon base with flat 4x100mm setup that differs from previous Tempest 100 models. The carbon fiber combined with a snug fit, increase energy transmission from the boot to the wheels. Intended for serious road warriors.

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    The Rollerblade Tempest 90C Inline Fitness Skates provide a way for women to experience the highest performance features Rollerblade has to offer in a boot, in a 4x90mm option. The Tempest 90C utilizes the same boots found on the 100C (new carbon fiber base for response and energy transmission), but at 90mm benefit from increased control and maneuverability. Intermediate and advanced skaters will enjoy the Tempest 90C for its versatilty and speed.

RB Fitness & Recreational Skates for Women - All Levels

Fitness and recreational inline skates by Rollerblade, target a wide range of skaters. The Spark 80 and Zetrablade models target entry level skaters and feature smaller wheels for control and maneuverability. For those more comfortable, the Macroblade series continues with choices in 84mm or 90mm. All options in this category work well for the occassional skater or fitness cross-trainer looking to mix up their workout routine. Extra support is provided in the cuff while a softer upper boot construction helps increase comfort and facilitate airflow.
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    The Rollerblade Macroblade 100 Inline Skates offer women the high performance and speed of a 4x100mm setup, but with more traditional support in the cuff area. This stability will help when fatigued and keep you skating longer, and with confidence. Constructed to provide optimal comfort, control and performance. At 100mm, it best suited for seasoned skaters skating distance or fitness training.

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    The Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Inline Fitness Skates sit atop the women's fitness and recreational skate category. The Macroblade 90 uses the same boots found on the Macroblade 100, but a 4x90mm frame and wheel configuration lowers your center of gravity to add maneuverability. Top speed and ability to get over cracks and bumps is greater than those with smaller wheels, but at 90mm it best suited for those comfortable on wheels.

RB Urban Skates for Women - All Levels

Rollerblade's Urban Inline Skates use a hard molded shell boot design to limit boot stretch more so than a soft boot. This works to prevent loss of energy within the boot, even though comfortable liners are inside. The Twister returns and continues to be Rollerblades most popular urban skate. It also used by slalom and freestyle skaters so it quite versatile. For transportation and/or greater speeds, see the Maxxum series at 84mm, 90mm or 100mm. The Maxxum is sized in men's sizing but women can order 1 size down and still enjoy.
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    Few inline skates have had as much impact as the Twister series has for Rollerblade. Rollerblade Twister 80 Urban Inline Skates continue to be one of the most popular in the line, so it nice to see one designed specifically for women. Using a molded shell boot, comfortable liner, and strong, stiff and compact 4x80mm frame, it is sought out by many for its control and maneuverability. 

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