Macroblade Maxxum Twister Tempest
Rollerblade brought inline skating to the world in 1980 and continues to perfect their singular focus: authentic products for a true experience.

All inline skates are fitness skates that bring fun and good health. IW has differentiated these fitness skates by intended use, whether it be for Recreational, Urban, Cross-Training, Performance or Speed Skating. The minimum skill level recommended for each is also provided.

Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

Rollerblade High Performance Cross-Trainers for Women

Rollerblades Tempest C models include a carbon base. Tempest boots are designed to fit and feel snug to prevent energy loss and maximize performance. They feel more narrow when compared to others in the Rollerblade lineup for this reason. Intended for experienced rollerbladers. A great choice for fitness enthusiasts looking for high performance equipment to cross-train or skate longer distances.
    • Wheels: 4x100mm
    • Type: Cross-Training
    • Minimum Skill Level: Advanced

    The Tempest 100C Skates have low profile cuffs for increased range in motion, but still offer support and stability. This is the last step if progressing toward a true speed boot. The carbon fiber base combined with a snug fit, increase energy transmission from the boot to the wheels.

    • Wheels: 4x90mm
    • Type: Cross-Training
    • Minimum Skill Level: Strong Intermediate

    Rollerblade Tempest 90C Skates for women feature the same boot style found on the 100C. However at 90mm, they experience increased control and maneuverability adding to their versatiity. C signifies the carbon fiber base for added response and energy transmission.

Rollerblade Recreation & Cross-Training Skates for Women

Rollerblades Macroblade Series has something for everyone at 80mm, 84mm, 90mm or 100mm wheel sizes. The soft shell provides optimal support, comfort and stability. The Maxxum Series is offered in 84mm wheel size and use a molded plastic shell for durability and lateral support. The right choice will depend on skill level, location and desire of speed versus maneuverability.
    • Wheels: 4x84mm
    • Type: Urban / Cross-Training
    • Minimum Skill Level: Intermediate

    Maxxum 84 Inline Skates connect you to the streets with intuitive control, power and balance for a truly wonderful skating experience. Unlike others in the Maxxum lineup, it uses Rollerblade Supreme wheels which have a slightly larger footprint than the Hydrogens. This makes them well suited for urban type skating as well as for fitness.

    • Wheels: 4x80mm
    • Type: Recreational
    • Minimum Skill Level: Beginner

    The Rollerblade Zetrablade Skates are a terrific choice for entry level rollerbladers wanting something to build confidence and technique. 80mm wheels help to control speed, while the nylon frames dampen vibration.

Rollerblade Urban and Freestyle Inline Skates for Women

Rollerblade's Urban and Freestyle Inline Skates use a hard molded shell boot design with Specialized Liners to limit boot stretch and prevent loss of energy. The Rollerblade Twister comes in multiple options and has been a favorite for years. Not all Twisters use a brake. Those that do not are best suited for experienced skaters. The Twister 80 is the only 'women specific' model. The others are unisex, but sized in men's sizing.
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