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The Elite Pro Series Waxed Oval Hockey Skate Laces are the preferred laces for pros like Alexander OvechkinThe 3/8" Pro Oval lace features a wax coating for durability and grip, and molded plastic tips to prevent fraying. Most noticeably, the Elite Oval lace doesn't stretch when lacing-up, or or loosen during play like other laces do. Makes a great gift for any hockey player!

  • Lace Sizing Guidelines:
    Lace Size / Skate Size
    72" / Yth 8 - JR 3
    84" / JR 3.5 - JR 5.5
    96" / SR 6 - SR 8
    108" / SR 8 - SR 10
    120" / SR 10 - SR 13



The "Yellow" lace is not a standard yellow, but more of a gold. See picture.

The "White" is more of a light Grey on the "Black/White" lace. See picture.



  • Colors:
    • White with black stripes
    • Black with white stripes
    • Yellow with black stripes
  • 3/8" wide
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Waxed
  • Molded plastic tip 
    • Prevents fraying and makes lacing-up easy
  • Sold in pairs



The "Yellow" lace is not a standard yellow, but more of a gold. See picture.

The "White" is more of a light Grey on the "Black/White" lace. See picture.


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Comments: Best lace ive used. Lays flat and looks really good and stays tight, dont have to worry about them twisting or coming loose.
From: Simon, Canada

Comments: I've gone through so many different brands trying to find the "perfect" pair of laces, which I found with the Elite Oval Laces. Seriously buy these! They're thick compared to most and retain the wax after many hockey games. Worth every penny!
From: Andrew, TX

Comments: Great waxed laces. Used to have to tighten my laces 3-4 time a game. Now I never have to re-tighten them. I think the oval design makes them stand apart from any other waxed lace. Normal waxed laces hold almost too well. Un-tying is a nightmare. The ovals are easy to un-tie. A must have!!
From: Chris, Spokane, WA

Comments: Keeps skates tight, sometimes too tight.  Had to start lacing my skates looser in the middle.  But otherwise, great laces.  Will always buy these.
From: Wayne

Comments: These laces definitely hold well but they twist in your hands and have too much wax on them. They do what they are supposed to do but I guess I like less wax. Overall a good product for those that do not want their laces to move at all.
From: Roy

Comments: I liked them in the beginning but now really do not like them. They twist and hurt my hands when pulling skates tight. They still keep my skates tight even after having them for about 4 months. Overall they are good and do a good job of what they claim to do.
From: Brian

Comments: Solid laces that have held up well to weekly use for over a year. You can definitely tell there is a wax coating and it helps the laces get tight and stay tight throughout skating, but isn't so thick that you feel it too much on your fingers. The material is strong and hasn't gotten any nicks or tears in it. I bought the white laces and they have picked up stains pretty well and are noticeably dirty but what skate laces don't get that way I guess. The one thing that is bothersome is that the laces, I guess due to their oval shape, tend to get twisted up really easily and often. This might not bother some, but it's pretty unavoidable that these laces will get twisted up just from regular use. Otherwise solid and durable laces that tighten up well
From: Steve

Comments: As claimed, these laces hold very well and do not stretch. However, these laces do tend to twist a lot when lacing up your skates. If you're like me and like to keep your laces straight, I would not recommend them. If that doesn't bother you, I haven't found any other laces that could be laced this tightly.
From: Jazzman

Comments: Great waxed laces, my skates stay much tighter than with other brands. They are thicker than normal laces, but feel much more durable and are well worth the money.
From: Jim, MA

Comments: I'm in college and work as a floor guard at a roller rink. These laces help keep my skates tied tight which is helpful, especially since I do not have to retie them while working a long or busy session.
From: Eric, Los Angeles, CA

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