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The Edge Again Player manual skate sharpener is perfect for use on the fly to sharpen your skates. Take it on the bench and add a fresh edge in between shifts to get back on the ice fast. The Edge Again is capable of sharpening 4 sides at once leaving 2 sharp edges and does not affect the blade contour. The Edge Again sharpens approx. 30 skates and features a replaceable sharpening tusk for quick changes. 

  • Non-motorized sharpening device designed for the player
  • Sharpen skates on the fly without taking them off
  • Edge Again capabilities:
    • Micro sharpens 4 sides at once
    • Leaves 2 shape edges
    • Flexible diamond blade coated steel blade conforms to blades hollow
    • Does not affect blades contour
    • Each tusk sharpens approx. 30 skates
  • Package contains:
    • 1 Edge Again device
    • 1 Diamond Coated tusk
  • Replacement tusks available here 
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Comments: Ok so I bought this a couple weeks ago, I like my skates fairly sharp so I thought it might cut down on my sharpenings. WELL... This little thing is amazing! It will fix the dings from the post and give you a solid edge even when your skates are overdue for a sharpening. I have literally made my skates too sharp a couple of times now. I recommend no more than 5 or 6 full swipes on each skate any more than that and your legs are going to get real tired trying to shuffle. I can not speak on the longevity of it yet, but even if it only lasts 6 mos it will pay for itself easily. Good Luck! Great product!
From: Anyonymous, Indiana, PA

Comments: Great product i'd order from here again. I play on a mens league and qu'en i place √ order for sticks there is always √ person asking Where i
got my new gear n products. Plus the deals on sticks is way better tgen buying one
From: Edward Desmoulin, Ontario, Canada

Comments: very good if not near a pro shop
From: Otto Staats, Buchanan, NY

Comments: The Edge Again does a great job of restoring a damaged edge and getting you back into a game. It also works well to restore your edge in-between games and delay needing to get your skates sharpened. It doesn't replace skate sharpening, but it really helps in-between.

It is really easy to use, just a few passes up and down the blade and you've got a fresh edge - it works exactly as advertized.

If you've ever felt the frustration of not being able to play your best in a game because your edge got damaged, then you need the Edge Again. Having it in your hockey bag will give you peace of mind, knowing that if something happens to your edge mid-game, you can restore it quickly and get back in the game.
From: Phillip, WA

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