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The Easton Synergy ST comp hockey blades offer a great all around performance. Easton has used their Micro-Blader construction to offer a great consistent feel throughout the blade. The ST also features a multi-rib design which adds rigidity throughout and helps the blade from distorting throughout your shot.

    • Construction:
      • Micro-Balder - Easton's proprietary design that creates a more consistent blade
      • Composite construction
    • Hosel:
      • Standard hosel size
      • Composite construction
    • Core:
      • Multi-Rib design - Controls blade flex through puck impact ensuring pinpoint accuracy
    • Weight: 187 grams (based off Sakic curve)
    • Fits: Traditional hockey shafts (Non-tapered shafts)
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    Comments: Bought this to fit in an Easton RS shaft (busted one-piece). I have to say that the blade is great. (I have the Heatley curve). It has good feel, durability, and a surprising amount of pop. The blade has some flex for slappers and works well for snaphots/wristers. The only "drawback" is it is a little heavy. My S19 blade is noticeably lighter, but for the price you can't beat this blade. Buy one
    From: J, NY

    Comments:I browsed through the selection at a local hockey store (HockeyStop) and found a bundle of available blades to add to my newly acquired Reebok 6K Sickick iii 75 flex shaft. After a good look I found this blade had significant features that outscored the others (Bauer, Warrior, Vapor ...ect). It has a polymer foam throughout the blade that is supposed to dampen vibration, and increase feel. More on that later. Also the shape of the blade was superior in that it didn't have too much taper into the shaft, lessening my fear of snapping it off at the head. I wasn't surprised that after I got it on the ice it was better than the other blades. The feel gets an 9 out of 10, response gets 9 out of 10 and vibration gets 10 out of 10. I usually shoot snapshots or wrist shots, but I had to try a few one-timers to see if it would really hold up. Needless to say, I'll be practicing a LOT more slapshots. The feel was incredible, not only at the blade but throughout the whole stick. There was a pure lack of vibration, regardless of your shot being clean or out of the "sweet spot." As for hard passes and clearing shots, excellent feel. The hard passes absorb to the blade with a satisfying "thunk" instead of an irritating and vibrating "whack." At first I thought it absorbed too much feel of the puck, but that quickly adjusted as I passed and played around with it more. I've been playing for 10 years and have gone from woody's to one piece. I just got really tired of cracking one piece stick heads and having to fork out $150 - 200 for another decent stick, when only the head was cracked. I'm not disappointed, quite pleased actually. 28 out of 30 and I WILL be replacing this head ( if and when it breaks, I don't know ) with another one of these. Value, definitely 10 out of 10.
    From: Charlie

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