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The Easton EQ40 Ice Hockey Skates offer a great value with excellent performance at a reasonable price. The EQ40 offers many of the same features and construction as the EQ50 ice skates, such as the Fusion 2.0 foams in the quarter panels, Uni-body construction, and Ideal fit system. The greatest difference is that the EQ40 skates feature Texalium composite in the embed zones, and feature a micro fiber liner.

The Synergy EQ40 is built with Easton’s new Hybrid Fusion technology. This technology allows Easton to laminate a supportive, composite outer upper with formable, inner foam. Easton has used their Uni-body construction to mold one-piece of the fusion foam 2.0. The Fusion Foam 2.0 has unbelievable heat moldable properties, to offer a true custom fit. The EQ40 features three key composite embed zones using a Texalium glass composite. The side wing embed zones allows for a more responsive and explosive feel, while the embedded flex tendon and heel give a solid stable feel.

As for the out of the box fit, the EQ40 offers Easton’s Ideal-Fit System. This system encompasses the foot with anatomically molded foams. Easton used molded foams to drastically increase the initial comfort of the skate, and to accommodate foot types that just didn’t seem to fit properly in the stealth series. 

The Synergy EQ40 will be complete with Easton’s innovative DryFlow outsole. DryFlow outsoles feature vents, which release moisture and excess heat. This allows the skate to remain dryer which will help keep the skate lighter late in the game. As well, removing excess moisture will increase the lifetime of the skate. 

  • Model Year: 2011
  • Model Number: A147142
  • Heritage: Easton EQ4
  • Level of Player: Ideal for the intermediate to advance level of player
  • Fit Guidelines: General fit aspects of the Easton boot are medium volume, medium heel pocket, medium across top of foot and forefoot and toe box. Slightly aggressive stance. 
  • Sizing Guidelines: Easton skates generally fit 1 1/2 sizes down from your regular shoe size


  • Quarter Package: Hybrid Fusion Technology
    • Combines lightweight, fully-moldable quarters with composite reinforcement to enhance fit while optimizing response and performance consistency.
    • Heat Moldable - Proprietary thermo-set flue formulations allow for enhanced comfort, improved comfort and game ready performance.
    • Three Texalium glass composite launch zones catapult you forward:
      • Side-wing, flex tendon, and heel anchor
  • Liner
    • Moisture wicking microfiber 
  • Heel Support
    • Ideal Fit™
  • Ankle Padding
    • Ideal Fit™ - Encompasses the foot with thermally activated, anatomical ankle foams
  • Tongue Construction
    • Traditional 2-piece white felt tongue with lace-bite protection
  • Footbed
    • Bio-Dri™ - Easton's proprietary high-end material that wicks moisture away offering a drier better fitting skate
    • Dry Flow™ - Perforated footbed allows excess moisture and heat to exit the skate
  • Outsole
    • Light, stiff Texalium composite outsole with Dry Flow™
    • Dry Flow™ - Releases excess moisture and heat created during play
      • Equipment will stay lighter, stiffer and drier game after game
  • Blade Holder and Runner:
    • Razor Bladz II - A revolutionary blade system which allows the steel to arc during turns, resulting in faster, sharper, explosive turns
    • Elite Runners - High-end stainless steel design with a power tab in the middle of the blade for enhanced stiffness and energy return
  • Weight of a Size 9D Skate: 893 grams
  • Made In:
    • China
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Comments: Excellent pair of skates. They're a lot stiffer and seem more responsive than the EQ 20's that I was wearing to stick time. They also seem to sit a tad differently as well and forces me to be more on my toes when skating. I definitely feel a lot quicker and can tell there's more power in my stride. The skates felt good when I first tried them on but now they feel great after baking them. I'd recommend these to anyone who has worn the newer line of Easton Synergy skates.
From: Darren

Comments: I wore the original Stealth S9s for about 4 1/2 years and loved the more narrow fit of the Eastons vs. other skates I've owned. Bauers (I had Vapor XX) tend to be wider and the Reebok e-Pro runner seemed to keep me from getting over the tops of my skates enough to max my speed. The Eastons are great at that with their runner. As for the EQ40, they were a marked upgrade from my S9s so they came quite a bit stiffer than the lesser skates. I had them baked and that drew them in to make them tighter across my foot and fit snug. Yes, they're nice out of the box, but get them baked!! I did have to make one adjustment with the thicker tongue in that I have to wear it outside of my shin guards. This allows me more forward flex for getting over my skates. Once I made this change, it significantly reduced the upper ankle stiffness and I was able to skate faster. So, after a 4-game tournament and a men's B league game, I think I'm set! I recommend these unless you truly need something more akin to pro performance. Easton quality has improved dramatically and their skates and helmets should be top considerations for any competitive skater.
From: Rusy, TN

Comments: I purchased these skates in early May not too long after they came out and am absolutely in love with them! I had been wearing Vapor X30s and figured it was time for a change -- since I was having issues with the X30s (not sized properly and too heavy), I wanted to try something different and found that Easton's new overhaul on their hockey equipment to be just what I was looking for. These skates are lightweight and for what you get in this skate, the price is awesome. They're super responsive, keep your feet dry and cool, are comfortable and look pretty fly. I found the break in period to be nonexistent -- haven't baked them and after a few skates they feel great. I even blocked a few shots off the outside of my foot and the boot absorbed 98% of the shot. Barely felt it. I have yet to really find a problem with these skates, except the differences in the feel of the blade, which took some getting use to after only wearing Bauers. One suggestion though: I know (well, have heard that) people have had issues with the bolts (that hold the blade holder to the boot) rusting out. After every use, I take the footbed out and let them dry. The dry flow system is great but it's better to be safer than sorry. If you take out the footbed, it lets the excess moisture that didn't exit out through the bottom completely exit from the skate. Besides that, I've got no complaints on my end. Easton has won me over with what they've been doing with their stuff. A+++++++ all around.
From: Leah, New York, USA

Comments:I purchased the EQ40 Skates about 2 months ago, I had a pair of Reebok 5k's before and the were breaking down after 1 year of heavy use, so i figured i would upgrade within my budget, I had no intent of even looking at the easton skates, however the sales rep at my local hockey shop told me a little about the skate, so i tried them on and instantly knew they were the skate for me, I have played 6 games on them and multiple drop ins, the break in was great, almost no pain at all. they are plenty lighter than any other skate i have had in the past, so far so good. I would recommend this skate to anybody. its a nice stiff boot, and still comfortable.
From: Josh, Michigan USA

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