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The Easton Synergy EQ30 hockey shoulder pads offer a great value with above average protection and mobility.  The Easton EQ protective line has been built for the physical player that demands a little addition protection. Which is exactly why the EQ30 shoulder pads feature extended arch and rib wrap for additional protection in the collar bone, shoulder blade, and kidneys. 

The EQ30 shoulder pads feature Easton's FRM or Free Range of Motion design to help increase the overall mobility of the pads. For example the 2-piece bicep guard that increases mobility while maintaining protection. It is especially nice to see the 2-piece bicep guard at this price point. 

  • Protection:
    • High density foams and plastic inserts in sternum, spine, and clavicle for a great level of protection
    • 2-piece HDPE bicep guards
    • Thick molded plastic wrapping shoulder caps
    • Extended Arch and Rib Wrap help to further protect the physical player
  • Liner:
    • Nylon mesh
  • Fit:
    • 3-piece chest and back provides excellent mobility
    • FRM (Free Range of Motion) - Designed to provide maximum range of motion while providing great protection
    • Adjustable 2-piece bicep guards
    • Comfort foam neck opening
    • Removable belly guard
  • Level of Play: Ideal for intermediate to advanced level of play
  • Easton Sizing Guidelines:
    Pad Size / Height / Chest
    Small/Medium / 5'4" - 6' / 91 - 102 cm
    Medium/Large / 5'8" - 6'4" / 102 - 112 cm
    XL / 6'4"+ / 112+ cm
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Comments:Let me start of my saying I am new to organized hockey and have been wearing equipment only for 4 or 5 moths. I was previously using the Baur X20 shoulder pads which were the 2nd to cheapest pads at the local ice rink so I went with them. They were decent, but I released, even in a no-hit league, that I wanted more protection than what the X20 pads offered. The 1st thing I noticed with the EQ30s was the solidness of the system. The firmness around the shoulders, the shoulder pad cups (?), the spine pads in the front and back, etc, were all more solid and much more well-built than the X20s They are definitely built for more abuse than the X20s. They are also very light. Even though they seemed a little more bulky than the X20s I feel more mobile. My arm movement is much better. One thing that threw me a little was the way the shoulder cups (?) sat on my shoulders. They were sitting a little further out on my shoulders than the X20s, but I quickly realized thats how the EQ30s sat and after a few minutes of playing I really enjoyed how the EQ30s fit me. Overall these are a big step up from the X20s. The shoulders and arms have better movement, even though I have much more protection and the pads are very light. I did seem to sweat a little more, but the pads did not seem anymore hot. I would highly suggest this purchase for the price point.
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Easton Hockey Shoulder Pads Senior

  • The Easton Stealth CX Hockey Shoulder Pads are the top of the line shoulder pads in the Stealth lineup. Easton utilizes their Hyperlite high-density molded foam as the base in the torso and back for lightweight protection. The Hyperlite foam is layered in segmented areas to allow for a comfortable wrap without sacrificing protection. 

  • The Easton Stealth C9.0 Hockey Shoulder Pads offer a very comfortable and lightweight fit that allows players to move freely on the ice. The C9.0 shoulder pads use varying layers of medium-density foams as a base layer in order to achieve comfortable protection.

  • The Easton Stealth C7.0 Hockey Shoulder Pads allow players to move freely while still providing a solid level of protection. The front and the back feature a 2-piece design that allows pads to move independent of one another. Additionally, the bicep guards are attached to the shoulders by a single adjustable strap for a free range of motion.

  • The Easton Stealth C5.0 Hockey Shoulder Pads provide a lightweight, low-profile fit for recreational play. Featuring a medium-density segmented foam base, the C5.0 shoulder pads wrap around the body for basic protection and contouring fit.

  • The Easton Pro 10 Hockey Shoulder Pads are pro-inspired classic shoulder pads built for coverage and adaptable protection. It uses a 3-piece torso design for mobility and to keep the protective padding in place throughout the game. Easton uses a medium-density foam base in the torso with a removable belly guard.

  • The Easton Synergy HSX Hockey Shoulder Pads are the premier model in the Synergy Line-up. The HSX's feature E-Cell foam technology for outstanding impact protection in a lightweight package and the all-new A.R.C. (Air Release Channel) Liner for improved circulation and temperature control.

    Sizes Available: SR SM, SR MD, SR XL
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