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The Easton Synergy ABS hockey blade is the all in one blade from Easton. Whether you are playing ice, indoor roller or outdoor street hockey the Easton ABS blade will be able to step up and take the challenge. The ABS material is ideal for rough surfaces that seem to eat up other blades.

    • Construction:
      • ABS/fiberglass paddle
    • Hosel:
      • High-grade hickory hosel
    • Core:
      • ABS - solid core design for increase durability
    • Weight: 227 grams (based off Zetterberg curve)
    • Fits: Traditional hockey shafts (Non-tapered shafts)
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    Comments: I used the koho ultimate and it was great until recently when they made it thinner and the durability went down. Now I think it may be out of production. This Easton blade looked good, especially the new way they attach to the wood at the shaft with a layer of abs in the middle. This looks like an improvement. However the blade has started to delaminate after only a few times of use on a very smooth indoor surface. The outer fibreglass layer is peeling from the abs. This blade at least for now until they improve the adhesion is not the answer to a cheap and durable blade.
    From: Tim, FL

    Comments: Terrible blades!! buy the reebok ABS blades!! i have used several of these blades, and the first two or three were just fine, but then it seemed the rest of them had lower quality resin holding the blade together. The next three blades i used (i bought a few at a time cuz i play lots of roller hockey) all started splitting, where the exterior layer on each face would start to peel away, making the blade flimsy and useless.
    From: Dave, Aldergrove, BC, Canada

    Comments: Garbage; at least for outdoor hockey. I have played for about 20 years using the Koho Ultimate blade, tried others, but always went back. Now that I can't find themI had to go with something else. Having tried this blade years ago and not having good luck with it I was leery, but it still seemed to be my best bet. I was totally wrong. A wood blade would outlast this outdoors. I don't think this would even last on ice. The surface I am playing on is a wicked smooth concrete and I got 2 half-way good uses out of it (totally different curve, so they were not great uses for that reason). The 3rd time I went out I could tell something not too funny was going on when I took a wrist shot. Today it was pointless; after a half hour I had to wrap it up. I am totally disappointed in this piece of garbage.
    From: Arpad

    Comments:Used for about 30 minutes and it already has a crack on the bottom of the blade from the middle of the blade almost all the way to the toe. I'm very disappointed in this blade. Says "street tough" right on the blade but it couldn't even handle stick handling on a fairly smooth driveway for a half an hour. I have two Easton ABS wooden sticks and those blades have held up for a couple weeks now. Don't know if it was a bad blade or they just make them different from their ABS sticks. At least it wasn't too expensive. Not sure if I'll try another one or find a new ABS blade.
    From: Kyle, MA

    Comments:I've been using these for years as a durable outdoor blade for inline hockey... They had great durability and used to last forever. They also used to be gray instead of the white color. It seems like the new white ones are made differently because I've had 3 so far that have basically fallen apart from the heel of the blade within 2-3 uses. I'm not doing anything differently, so it seems the durability has done down and something's changed with their manufacturing.
    From: Noel, CA

    Comments:This blade has a great feel to it (weight and curve) and I can assume it wears well too. For me, it lasted about 2 weeks (4 pick up games played). 2nd game, the blade got pinned along the boards and I heard a crack noise. The fiberglass had cracks along the edges of where the ABS meets the wood shaft. The blade lasted another 2 games before finally breaking to the point where it had no structure. I would give this blade another try, but I would be cautious after seeing how the wood shaft is secured to the ABS and how easily it can break. Many of the other players use this blade and haven't had any problems, and I have used similar older models from Easton, so I am assuming my issue was just bad luck.
    From: Mike, CA

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