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The Easton Stealth S19 grip hockey stick is the latest and greatest stick from Easton.  The S19 hockey stick has taken the design of the S17 hockey stick to the next level.

The S19 hockey stick features a Kevlar® wrapped Compression Molded shaft to offer power and a great feel.  This particular construction uses thinner layers of material to allow for more layers.  This results in an unbelievably responsive feel and maintains the snappy lively feel throughout the lifespan of the stick. The Kevlar® wrap increases durability and helps lengthen the lifespan of the stick.

Easton's S19 hockey stick features the same TORX™ technology seen on the S17 hockey stick.  TORX™ is the distinguishing elliptical shaft shape in the lower portion of the hockey stick.  This increases the torsional strength and rigidity to the blade, resulting lightning quick and accurate releases. As seen in the inset image, the red arrows represent the twisting motion of the blade opening up during a shot, while the blue arrows represent the torsional resistance provided by the elliptical shape which help keep the blade closed. 

Easton has re-engineered the blade on the S19 hockey stick.  The S19 features a multi-core design.  The upper core is constructed out of honeycomb type material for excellent dampening.  The lower portion of the blade features a solid core.  This improves the feel and helps keep the blade in contact with the puck longer, for better puck control and shot accuracy.

*Cammalleri Curve on Easton S19 models is the 2010 Cammalleri curve which is the same as the old Shanahan curve (Lie 6, Open Face, Square toe, Mid 2/5 curve). The 2011 Camalleri Curve is the same as the Easton Zetterberg.

*Chara curve is a mid 3/4" curve instead of mid 9/16"

*Roy curve is the same as the Yzerman curve but with slightly lower lie

  • Construction:
    • Kevlar® wrapped - For added durability
    • Compression molded - Using thinner layers of material Easton is able to use more layers, giving Easton shafts an unmatched responsiveness and allowing them to stay lively longer
  • Shaft:
    • TORX™ technology with Elliptical Profile™ - Improved torsional strength for better puck feel and shot accuracy
    • Tuned taper section built with our Elite Stiffness Profile to pro specs - Offers quick shot release and controlled puck reaction
  • Geometry: Concave shaft walls for great stick control
  • Grip: Grip coating
  • Blade: Improved blade feel with newly engineered materials
    • Multi-Core design provides dampening
    • Upper core - Structural honeycomb like material for excellent dampening
    • Lower core - Solid core for improved feel
      • Solid dense lower core keeps the blade in contact with the puck longer resulting great puck control and feel
  • Flex: 75, 85, 100, 110
  • Length: 61"
  • Weight: 468 grams (based on Sakic 85 flex grip)

*Cammalleri Curve on Easton S19 models is the 2010 Cammalleri curve which is the same as the old Shanahan curve (Lie 6, Open Face, Square toe, Mid 2/5 curve). The 2011 Camalleri Curve is the same as the Easton Zetterberg. 

*Chara curve is a mid 3/4" curve instead of mid 9/16"

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Comments: Overall, I would recommend this as a great shooting stick. The puck feel is awesome on the blade, and the shaft geometry feels very natural in your hands. I have a very stiff model (110) that I use for nights playing D so I can unload on shots from the point, but I would probably recommend dropping the flex if you play forward more often. This stick really shines in the snapshot game. Placing the puck where you want it with POWER is a great feeling. The ONLY downside I find with the S19 is the weight. It tends to feel blade heavy on the ice, and overall much more weighty than my T1 and CCM CL. Keep in mind though we are talking a couple grams, so it will only feel different if you usually use a CL or T1. I would not consider this a negative, just a slight difference in feel. If you don't mind or prefer a slightly heavier stick, the S19 is the perfect choice.

Jamie, MD

Comments: I love it, I got an right handed 85 flex Roy curve for X-mas and I couldn't be happier. Before I got this stick I actually used the S19 shaft with either an Easton composite blade or a Sherwood feather light blade. I wasn't sure if I would like going to a one-piece stick but this thing is amazing. The best part is the feel of the puck on the blade. Not only will you have a great feel for the puck on your blade allowing you to keep your head on a swivel, but when receiving a pass it makes it much easier to accept those fast hard passes without the puck bouncing off your blade. Great buy, I'm saving up to get another before these things become a rarity.
From: Alexander, Livermore, CA

Comments:Upgrading from my RBK 10K to this stick has been the single biggest improvement in gear that I've experienced in my nearly 20 years of playing hockey. It's light and quick, yet has enough structural integrity to allow you to really step into a heavy slapshot. The balace between these two needs is the stick's best attribute. The stick's elliptical profile, moreover, allows it to withstand heavy slashing. I'm a nose- in-the-boards center who takes more than his fair share of slashes, yet this stick is still in great condition. As for the potential for breaks? I don't see it. At first glance, the stick's light weight may give the appearance of breakability, but you have to look at the thing with all its attributes in mind. Sure, it's lighter. But, it's also built better and stronger than most other sticks. So, in the end, the two factors offset each other. And if you're still not happy, then just buy a stiffer flex profile. The S19 is, in sum, a light, snappy stick, that is at the same time strong and reliable. Buy it!
From: Brian

Comments:Way too much money for a stick that could break anytime.
From: Ben

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If you hold the stick with your left hand at the top of the stick, then you use a (R) handed stick. If you hold the stick with your right hand at the top, then you use a left (L) handed stick. As stick size increases, the length and diameter of the shaft also increase.
Stick SizeAgePlayer HeightPlayer WeightStick Height
Yth:-7-4'-60 lbs.46"-48"
Jr:6-123'9"-4'9"50-120 lbs.50"-54"
Int:11-164'6"-5'3"120-160 lbs.56"-57"
Senior:+14+5'6"+120 lbs.58"-63"
The flex of a hockey stick is how stiff the shaft is. Youth sticks are 30-40 flex, Junior sticks are 45-55 flex, Intermediate sticks are 55-75 flex and Senior sticks are 75 - 110 flex.
If you want to look at all brands and/or want to search by general types of curves , then leave "Any Brand" selected. If you know which brand you wish to look at, select it and the following "Curve" tab will display specific brand curves to choose from.
Each curve brings forth different advantages: Toe curves are less common and are good for stick handling and shooting. Mid curves are the most popular and are recommended for beginners, they are good for puck handling, wrist and snap shots. Mid Heel curves are a combination of a mid and heel curves. Heel curves are good for slap shots, one timers, and back handers. 
Choose between grip and non-grip coatings on the shaft. Grip texture allows for a more solid hold on the shaft while the non-grip coating allows the hands to change position more quickly. 
Flex Profile:
Flex Profile
The low-kick flex profile is for the players looking for a quick shot release, ideal for wrist and snap shots. The mid-kick flex profile is for the player who puts a lot of lean into their wrist/slap shots and are looking for a powerful release on their shots. The variable-kick flex profile offers a constant flex profile allowing custom kick points depending on the placement of the player's lower hand. 
Composite sticks are the most popular because they offer the best overall performance. Wood is the traditional material and offers the best puck feel. ABS is used in the blades to add durability for playing on rougher surfaces like concrete and asphalt.
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