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The Easton Stealth RS Ice Hockey Skate, like the RS stick, is built to perform!  Easton's has designed the RS skate with the elite player in mind.  The Stealth RS skate's design will offer explosive power and  enhanced quickness and mobility. 

Easton has increased the stiffness in the quarter panels (vs the EQ50) to allow the skate to have more acceleration.  Combined with quarter panels that our 5mm lower, allows for greater mobility.  Heat sensitive polyurethane (TPU) and rubbers (TPE) are fused together to create the lower profile quarter panels.  The heat sensitive characteristic allows the panels to be moldable, which gives the skate a closer fit to your foot with less free space; creating a more natural and direct feel.  For protection, Easton injected the popular EPP foam in the quarter panels.  EPP foam is common on the NHL ice and provides a high level of protection at a fraction of the weight.  The tongue is constructed of pre-formed felt and foam with an injected lace bite protector.  The outsole is constructed of Texalium™, which is a fiberglass fabric that increases skate flex, and also has Easton’s patented Dry Flow™ moisture drainage system.  Easton used their Aggressive Razor Bladz II® holder to hold their scalloped stainless steel runner, optimizing tight turns and a high response feel.

The interior of the boot offers soft-top edges for added comfort during those long strides or hard cuts.  The Easton RS skate is lined with Easton’s popular Bio-Dri® moisture wicking material, so your skates will stay dry late in the 3rd period. 

 The Easton RS ice skate is a new breed of skates that are built for speed.

  • Model Number: A147151
  • Heritage: EQ50
  • Level of Player: Ideal for the advanced to pro level of player
  • Fit Guidelines: General fit aspects of the Easton boot are medium volume, medium heel pocket, medium across top of foot and forefoot and toe box. Slightly aggressive stance. 
  • Sizing Guidelines: Easton RS skate generally fits 1 size down from your regular shoe size


  • Quarter Package:
    • Fused composite (EPP foam/TPU/TPE) side panels
      • Provide the best combination of heat moldability and responsiveness 
  • Liner
    • Hydrophobic Bio-Dry® liner
      • Soft-touch mesh synthetic
      • Combination non-moisture-absorbent foam and memory foam heel pocket and comfort edge
  • Heel Support
    • Injected unit protects high wear zone
  • Ankle Padding
    • Comfort form foam
    • Heat moldable
  • Tongue Construction
    • Pre-formed felt and foam
    • Lined with an injected lace bite protector
  • Footbed
    • Giro's SuperNatural Fit System™
      • Optimizes comfort
      • Enhances skating efficiency
  • Outsole
    • Texalim™-Fiberglass fabric increasing skate flex
    • Dry Flow™ moisture drainage system
  • Blade Holder and Runner:
    • Aggressive Razor Bladz II® holder
    • Stainless Steel Runner
  • Weight of a Size 9D Skate: 884 grams
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Comments: Agree with the reviewer below me...the bottom two reviewers did not really know the meaning of "EASTON." This name means "Quality" and "Durable," ....well...also "High Price." But they mark the price with a equal promise. A promise that you will not regret for the money you spend.

I got this one and went to local ice rink pro shop to bake the boot and sharp the blade. I am using this one for ice skating training purpose, 1~2 times a week.

In my experience, this boot is "REALLY" light. No kidding, REALLY LIGHT. It is as light as you are holding about 20~30 pieces of A4 size papers. It feels even a little bit lighter than Reebok 20K, and just about the same as Bauer APX and Total One NXG.

To break down:

1. Out Look: The outer look of the boot is the same level as CCM Crazy Light and Bauer Total One, no exaggerate features, nice and clean. However, the feeling of the texture of the boot surprised me some what. It is not like all other brands using composite material, which gives a smooth and firm feeling. The texture of the EASTON RS is more like...rubber-like material. The boot is not cut resistant. It is strong enough to resist the abrasion and scratch from the ice, but when the blade hit the boot, it will chip off. I have fell several times during practicing and there are one long cut at the inner left boot and one chip off at the right heel part, BUT, I DO NOT have any abrasion or scratch marks on the boot.

For those who are comparing Reebok 20K and Easton RS, go ahead get this RS because when you have the 20K in hand, you will feel like holding a toy with paints on it, literally.

2. Supportive: Not sure how many people is concerning on this. This is TOP LINE, definitely gives proper support. I have not skated a lower level ice hockey skate, only checked them with hand, they are still giving proper stiffness, so no worry about the stiffness of the Easton RS, it has what it should have. I am 264 pounds plumpy man, and this boot gives proper support that I need, just remember to tight your lace properly. (P.S. This RS may be a little bit softer than the Reebok 20K and CCM Crazy Light, only the feeling by hand, not actual skating experience.)

3. Sweat whipping and ventilation: Well, it is made in China (correct me if I got it wrong), so there may be some imperfect. I actually took out the insole and checked the sole venting hole. It is by make 2 holes on the sole to crate the "SOLE VENTING SYSTEM." Those 2 hole are properly cut, but not really well, I am not sure how it really work. 
From: ?

Comments: Other reviewer here don't know what they're talking about. I'm an intermediate-advanced player playing twice a week and often three times. These are without a doubt the best skates I've ever played in, and I've skated in all the top brands (except Reebok (a pump? you've got to be kidding, and the lead-weight Grafs)). The build quality is 2nd to none. Lightening fast due to their extreme light weight. Easton 'thinks' about how to build the best skate with solely the player in mind.  The low profile boot is like no other skate on the market, and soon all will be building skates with that feature I predict. The support is fantastic, since I don't lace to the top eyelet or sometimes the top two, yet the boot still supports great even under hard skating. The skate doesn't look flashy like other brands, so perhaps that's why other reviewers don't like them. I prefer no skate flash, and let my skating do the talking, which these skates will provide for you. One thing to know, the
y run big in my opinion. I wear street shoe size 8.0 and my Easton Synergy EQ50's were size 6.5, but these I got size 6.0 and they are an exact fit.  Baking perfected that fit. And finally, I've never had runners that hold their sharpness as these Easton Elite runners do,
From: Mike, USA

Comments: very very poor quality i just got a pair and there brutal also they have little support
From: Cole

Comments: I'd avoid Easton skates as they're not known for durability. Maybe these are different but my SE17s are only two years old and I've had to replace the steel 3 times, rivets twice and now all the stitching is coming apart.
From: ??

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