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The Easton Stealth RS ll ice hockey pants are the premier pants in the Stealth line.  The RS ll pant offers a high level of mobility and protection, while maintaining an extremely lightweight feel.  These pants are designed for the player that wants the maximum freedom of movement.

The RS ll pant features ribbed plastic inserts with low and perforated mid-density foams in the kidney protection.  Closed cell HD foam in the spine protection is still lightweight and very protective, but even more durable than the EPP foam seen in the 1st generation RS pant.  A large segmented pad with closed cell HD foam and a small HDPE cap provides excellent protection to the hip area without losing any mobility.  The mid-density foam and ribbed poly inserts in the thighs provide excellent coverage and protection from blocked shots or slashes.

The RS ll ice pants feature a split shell design, combining 840D, 420D, and textured nylons with ventilated mesh zones providing durability and breathability.  Stretch panels in the crotch, inner legs, and upper rear give this pant exceptional mobility, allowing full extension with every stride.  The dual kidney flex and a unique 2-way belt system allows the pant to sit correctly on your hips at all times without bunching up or restricting any movement.

  • Model Number: A139561
  • Heritage: Easton Stealth RS
  • Level of Play: Ideal for intermediate to advanced level play
  • Easton Sizing Guidelines:
  • Size / Waist Measurement (circumference)
    • XS / 22" - 24"
    • Sm / 24" - 26"
    • Md / 26" - 28"
    • Lg  / 28" - 30"
    • XL  / 30" - 32"


  • Protection:
    • Forward Flex Spine Protector - Segmented, forward flexing with closed cell HD foam and perforated mid-density foam
    • Kidney pad - Low-density and perforated mid-density foams with a ribbed poly insert
    • Segmented tailbone pad - Mid-density and closed cell HD foams with thick poly inserts
    • Padded belt line
    • Segmented hip pad - Closed cell HD foam with a small HDPE cap 
    • Thigh pad - Thick, mid-density foams with ribbed poly inserts
    • Lower rear leg pad - Mid-density, segmented foam pad
  • Fit:
    • Designed for the players looking for maximum freedom of movement
    • Traditional fit - Contouring hips with looser fit in the legs
    • Unique 2 Way Belt Closure System:
      • Anatomically sits on your hips to keep the pant securely in place
      • Nylon pull straps located on each side
      • Buckles located on the side allows for unrestricted forward flex
      • Dual pull straps evenly pull belt around waist
    • 2-way stretch full crotch panel
    • 2-way stretch inner leg panels
    • 2-way stretch upper rear panel
    • Leg zips with velcro tab
    • Split shell design combines 840D, 420D, and textured nylons
      • Front, side and rear mesh panels for superior ventilation
    • Suspender buttons
    • Stitched Easton logos on the kidney protection and thigh
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