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The Easton Stealth 85S shoulder pads are great for the intermediate to advanced level of player looking for shoulder pads that maximize mobility while offering a great level of protection. Featuring a lot of the features from the RS shoulder pads, the 85S shoulders are a great lightweight pad with a lot to offer.

The 85S shoulders feature lots of lightweight foams combined with hard plastic inserts to keep protection up and weight down. The front and back feature a 3-way segmented design for maximum mobility and to make sure the protection moves with you. The shoulder pads are think molded plastic that are wrapped to prevent wear and the polycarbonate plastic and hard foam are featured in the sternum guard to provide extra protection.2-piece HDPE adjustable bicep guards provide excellent protection and mobility.

An Air mesh liner on the inside keeps you cool during the game and a nice, comfortable foam lining is provide in the neck area. A removable belly guard provides excellent protection if you need it.

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: A139369
  • Heritage: Easton S13
  • Level of Player: Ideal for intermediate to advanced level of player
  • Easton Sizing Guidelines:
    Pad Size / Height / Chest
    Sm/Med / 5'4" - 6' / 91 - 102 cm
    Med/Lrg / 5'8" - 6'4" / 102 - 112 cm
    XL / 6'4"+ / 112+ cm
  • Protection:
    • Ultra light/maximum protection with lightweight EPP/Polycarbonate plastic components 
    • High density foams in spine, and clavicle for a great advanced level of protection
    • Polycarbonate plastic sternum protection 
    • 2-piece HDPE bicep guards
    • Thick molded plastic wrapping shoulder caps
  • Liner:
    • Air mesh - Helps increase air circulation
  • Fit:
    • 3-piece chest and back provides excellent mobility
    • Independent shoulder motion offers mobility through segmentation allowing the pads to move freely
    • Adjustable bicep guards
    • Segmented back protection for increase mobility without sacrificing any protection
    • Extended joint protection for vulnerable areas of the body
    • Comfort foam neck opening
    • Removable belly guard
    • Perforated chest and back panels allows for increased air circulation
  • Weight: 960 grams (medium shoulder pads)
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Comments: Always stuck with Easton shoulder pads- but moving up from my basic pair I wanted something that was highly protective, breathable, and provided great mobility in its movement. After going back and forth between brands I was able to narrow it down to the Easton Stealth 85s vs the RBK 11k shoulder pads. In the end- Easton won. Easton won for very reasons- mainly because i felt it offered more protection and more of a snug fit, more of a shoulder pad that became a part of you. The RBK was a great fit as well and actually provided more movement in its mobility- however I felt the 85s offered more protection at that sacrifice for slightly less mobility. After wearing the 85s for a few weeks I can say with confidence that these shoulder pads are an amazing price for the quality you get. While my prior statement about its mobility vs the RBK may change your mind- trust me when I say these shoulder pads become a part of you and its so hard to realize you are wearing them. They feel thicker and have difference placements on some slight areas around the chest and collar bones in comparison to the RBK, however for me the bigger area coverage from the 85s was worth the risk and to top it off, there is no change in performance from my point of view. the 85s is a very breathable protective shoulder pad which is form fitting enough to feel natural and not too bulky when it comes to managing your view or feel in turns or when you battle on the boards The straps are snug and offer a good amount of mobility and the design makes it feel so protective I jump in to block shots without a single worry (besides it hitting my cup) In the end I would happily give these shoulder pads a solid 8.5/9 out of 10.
From: Matthew, Southbury, CT

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