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The Easton Stealth 75S ll ice hockey pants are ideal for intermediate to advanced level play offering solid protection with excellent mobility in an overall lightweight package.

The 75S ll ice hockey pants feature molded ribbed plastic inserts in the kidney and hips region while closed cell HD foam in the spine area offers a solid level of protection.  A wide and thick molded thigh guard is backed with mid-density foam providing exceptional coverage and protection.

A split shell design offers both durability and mobility with the combination of 840D, 420D, and textured nylons with ventilated mesh zones. Full length stretch material throughout the crotch region with inside leg zippers provide excellent mobility. The 75S ll ice pants also feature a unique 2-way belt system that anatomically sits on your hips to keep the pant securely in place.

  • Model Year: 2013
  • Model Number: A139559
  • Heritage: Easton Stealth 65S and 85S hybrid
  • Level of Play: Ideal for intermediate to advanced level play
  • Easton Sizing Guidelines:
  • Size / Waist Measurement (circumference)
    • XS - *XST / 22" - 24"
    • Sm - *ST / 24" - 26"
    • Md - *MT / 26" - 28"
    • Lg - *LT  / 28" - 30"
    • XL - *XLT  / 30" - 32"

*Tall Sizes (XST, ST, MT, LT, XLT) feature same waist measurement as standard sizes but with a 1" longer inseam for taller/lengthier players

  • Protection:
    • Forward Flex Spine Protector - Segmented, forward flexing with high-density foam
    • Kidney pad - Low-density foam with ribbed poly insert
    • Tailbone pad - Mid-density foams with ribbed poly inserts
    • Padded belt line
    • Segmented hip pad - Low-density foams with ribbed poly inserts
    • Thigh pad - Thick, Mid-density foams with ribbed poly inserts
    • Lower rear leg pad - Mid-density, segmented foam pad
  • Fit:
    • Designed for the elite players looking for maximum freedom of movement
    • Traditional fit - Contouring hips with looser fit in the legs
    • Unique 2 Way Belt Closure System:
      • Anatomically sits on your hips to keep the pant securely in place
      • Nylon pull straps located on each side
      • Buckles located on the side allows for unrestricted forward flex
      • Dual pull straps evenly pull belt around waist
    • 2-way stretch full crotch panel
    • 2-way stretch inner leg panels
    • Leg zips with velcro tab
    • Split shell design combines 840D, 420D, and textured nylons
      • Front, side and rear mesh panels for superior ventilation
    • Suspender buttons
    • Stitched Easton thigh logos
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Easton Ice hockey Pants Junior & Youth

  • The Easton Stealth CX Ice Hockey Pants are the flagship Stealth pant of 2015, providing a really lightweight and mobile fit with pro-level protection. Easton uses their DuraShell exterior construction which gives ventilation while remaining very durable. Throughout the crotch and inner thigh is a flexible stretch gusset to enhance the mobility of the pant.

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  • The Easton Stealth C9.0 Ice Hockey Pants allow hockey players to remain mobile with a high-level of protection. Easton uses their Hyper Mobility Armor with Hyperlite as the main protection in the kidney and hip caps. This padding, in combination with hard molded PE, keeps the player flexible and very well protected.

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  • The Easton Stealth C7.0 Ice Hockey Pants provide great protection for beginner to intermediate hockey players. Easton utilizes a hard molded plastic with medium-density foams for comfort in the thighs, hips, and kidney guards. These pads are constructed separate from each other to allow for easy mobility. 

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  • The Easton Stealth C5.0 Ice Hockey Pants are a solid, comfortable choice for the recreational hockey player. It uses a strong DuraShell exterior construction that is designed to take the wears and tears of beginner hockey. 

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  • The Easton Stealth CX Youth Ice Hockey Pants provides solid protection for the young players on the ice. The hard plastic hip and thigh guards are designed specifically with youth hockey in mind. The youth CX pants feature a comfortable liner that keeps players cushioned throughout the entire game. 

  • The Easton Pro 10 Ice Hockey Pants focus on complete protective coverage without compromise. This traditional fitting pant features pro molded PE hip and thigh guards backed with comfort foams. The protection extends above the waistband to protect the kidneys with medium-density foams and plastic inserts. 

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