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The Easton Stealth 65S shoulder pads are great for begineer to intermediate level players looking for a nice fitting shoulder pad with an advanced level of protection. Included are some nice features for the more advanced shoulder pads such as a 3-piece segmented chest design and adjustable bicep guards. The 65S is a solid shoulder pad for the price point. 
  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: A139371
  • Heritage: New for 2012
  • Level of Player: Ideal for begineer to intermediate level of player
  • Easton Sizing Guidelines:
    Pad Size / Height / Chest
    Sm/Med / 5'4" - 6' / 91 - 102 cm
    Med/Lrg / 5'8" - 6'4" / 102 - 112 cm
    XL / 6'4"+ / 112+ cm
  • Protection:
    • High density foams with plastic inserts in spine, chest and clavicle for a great advanced level of protection
    • Polycarbonate plastic sternum protection 
    • 1-piece HDPE bicep guards
    • Thick molded plastic wrapping shoulder caps
  • Liner:
    • Traditional nylon liner
  • Fit:
    • 3-piece chest and back provides excellent mobility
    • Independent shoulder motion offers mobility through segmentation allowing the pads to move freely
    • Adjustable bicep guards
    • Segmented back protection for increase mobility without sacrificing any protection
    • Comfort foam neck opening
    • Removable belly guard
  • Weight: 840 grams (medium shoulder pads)
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Comments: these shoulder pads are probably one of the bests ones i ever used and there super light great mobility easy to break in and yeah. they have amazing protection and so light doesnt even feel like your wearing anything. i was able to move really esailly in them able to take my slapshots and it would be easy not hard really mobile really should get them no lie you will enjoy them.
From: Shawn

Comments: These pads are amazing. I play in a house league about 3
times a week, and are great for the intermediate player looking for
great protection. These pads have excellent mobility, and stay where
you strap them in. They do not move around or block you. That is one
of the beautiful things that I like about this pad. They are extremely
lightweight and protective for this price point. I used my cousin's
old shoulder pads and when I upgraded to this, I was in hockey heaven.
I love the free flex bicep guards. Them being adjustable just makes
this pad so much more awesome! The shoulder caps look big, but are not
bulky at all. They wrap from the front to the back of the shoulder
giving you maximum protection, but still give me maximum mobility and
do not block me at all. As for shooting and stickhandling, these pads
go naturally with my body. I have take all types of shots, lifted my
hands up high and moved around. These pads have followed me all the
way, protecting me in the areas where I want it too.  I was really
happy that I got these not the 55s because theses have a plastic
sternum guard. I realized how important that area is when I actually
got hit by a flying puck in that area. I did not feel a thing. I just
heard a small noise but that was it. Again, this is an example of
great protection at a great price. Also, I play with a few people who
do like to check, so I get rammed a lot into the boards. I generally
hit my shoulder first and then the rest of my body. The shoulder cap
takes the entire impact so I don't feel a thing. I'm guessing that
because it is ribbed. Overall with the three piece shoulder pad, great
protection and mobility at an AMAZING PRICE!! buy this now!! You won't
regret this. It is the perfect pad for the intermediate player looking
for a not so expensive pad but with great protection.
From: Melanie, USA

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