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The Easton Stealth 55S ice hockey pants are the most affordable pants in the Stealth line-up. They are perfect for the begineer player looking for a simple, protective pant with nice features at a good price. An extended Spine Tec back protector protects the spine and connects with the tailbone that has ribbed poly inserts. The 55S pant offers a traditional fit and 210D nylon materials for extra durability. 
  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: A139428
  • Heritage: New for 2012
  • Level of Player: Ideal for the recreational to begineer level of player
  • Easton Sizing Guidelines:
  • Size / Waist Measurement (circumference)
    • XS / 28" - 30"
    • Sm /  30 - 32"
    • Md /  32 - 34"
    • Lg  /  34 - 36"
    • XL  /  36 - 38"
  • Protection:
    • Spine Tec back protector - Segmented, forward flexing with medium-density foams
    • Kidney pad - Low-density foam
    • Tailbone pad - Medium-density foams with ribbed poly inserts
    • Hip pad - Thick, high-density foams with ribbed poly inserts
    • Thigh pad - Thick, high-density foams with ribbed poly inserts
    • Lower rear leg pad - Low-density, segmented foam pad
  • Fit:
    • Traditional fit - Contouring hips with looser fit in the legs
    • Nylon pull belt system
    • 2-way stretch full crotch panel
    • Split shell design combines 210D and textured nylons
      • Front ventilation panels
    • Suspender buttons
  • Weight: 1,200 grams (medium size pants)
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Comments: What these offer is a lightweight, non-constricting pair of ice pants without unnecessary pads for a non-checking league player.
I went from my top end Bauer TotalOne pants that I used in a checking league to these for a non-checking league as I injured my back and am unable to play checking. These fit the bill perfectly with the useful spine protection as well as good kidney protection. The back of the pants dont have much padding but this is good for me as it is easier to move in them and get some speed a little quicker. The front of the pants offer good protection.
All in all, if you are new to the game or are a competitive player in a non-checking league these are a good option for the price.
From: Davin

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