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The Easton Mako M5 Hockey Elbow Pads are ideal for the intermediate to advanced level player looking for solid protection and mobility.

The re-engineered flex system on the Mako M5 elbow pads was a product of Easton's "Natural Movement = Mobility" ideology. When the pads are secured on, minimal resistance is felt when fully extending and retracting the arm. A big factor to this are the two pivot zones that connect three independently moving pieces of this elbow pad. The bicep guard, elbow cap and forearm guard all move freely from one another giving the player maximum mobility.

The level of protection provided by Easton's Mako M5 hockey elbow pads was accomplished through the strategic design and placement of materials. The forearm guards has a very thick layer of medium-density foam with a solid plastic insert sandwiched between the foam, providing extremely substantial forearm protection. The certified EVA foam tip on the elbow cap is an excellent energy distributor which protects not only the player wearing the elbow pad, but also their opponents as well. 

  • Model Number: A139519
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play Guideline: Performance
  • Easton Sizing Guidelines:
    Elbow Pad Size / Player Height
    SR SM-MD-LG / 5'4" - 6'0"
    SR MD-LG / 5'8" - 6'4"
    SR LG / 6'0"+


  • Protection:
    • EVA covered polycarbonate cap design cradles the elbow and disperses impact
    • Multi-segmented bicep guard has medium-density foams and a small plastic insert to provide a high level of protection and mobility
    • Large forearm guard has thick layers mid-density foam with a molded plastic insert for excellent protection
  • Liner:
    • Mesh liner - Helps keeping the temperature down in your pad
  • Fit:
    • Comfortable strap system ensures a secure fit
      • 1.5" nylon strap secures over the slash guard
      • 1.5" elastic strap holds the upper forearm securely
      • 1.5" elastic strap fastens the bicep guard
    • 2-piece design allows for great mobility
    • Elbow cradle with elbow lock ensures no slippage
    • Breathable perforated foams to ensure a lightweight and flexible elbow pad
  • Weight:
    • 290 grams (Based on a Senior Medium)
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Comments: I hate to disagree with Rich in the comment above but i will respectfully of course, if you place the straps in the right places you don't have to have the middle strap on the first strap. they fit snug and the straps dont come loose that easily. for these if you have the money go for the higher end one but these M5 elbow pads seem pretty legit
From: Joe

Comments: These Mako M5 elbow pads have one fatal flaw... the straps... everything else about them is nice... I really wanted to like them.. but when I got them on I instantly realized these were never going to work.. the two forearm straps overlap.. which means that the loop portion of the velco for securing them is too small for 2 straps, so rather than make the area larger they simply stuck a square of loop fabric on the top of the first strap.. so you secure your first strap to the pad itself.. then you bring the middle strap over and stick it to the top of the first strap.. so now you have twice the amount of stress on one strap, essentially you have your second strap trying to pull your first strap free from the pad the whole time you are wearing it.. Now as long as you are going to sit completely still while wearing it this works fine.. but if you intend to actually get up and play hockey while wearing this pad those straps are going to come off almost instantly. I didn't even have to play hockey to see this.. I tried them on.. stuck them back in the box and shipped them right back to IW. If you really want the Mako style from easton just spend the money on the top end pads.. the M5 Elbows won't cut it.
From: Rich, CA

Comments: The Mako M5 elbow pads are extremely comfortable. They give alot of mobility too and they are not very bulky. They provide a real good amount of forearm protection and they do not pinch my arm or rub or anything like that. These give more protection on the upper arm than most other elbow pads out there, I'd recommend them to anyone!
From: Frankie, Islip, NY

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