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The Easton Mako II Ice Hockey Skates are an evolution of the original Mako skate that took the market by storm. This Easton Mako II is geared for the player who strives to take advantage of every second, of every shift. Every piece of it's construction is designed to offer a complete range of motion, providing pure speed and aggressiveness. 

The quarter package is constructed of a lightweight and responsive full carbon composite. This material is not only extremely efficient at transferring energy during a player's stride, it also responds to heat molding unlike any other skate on the market. With a true custom and glove-like fit, the asymmetrical boot design and the Extendon™ Tendon Guard maximize a player's range of motion.

When looking at the rear of the skate, the innermost quarter panels are 5mm taller than the outermost quarter panels. The taller inner portions provide support and stability for quick cuts and stops while the shorter, outer portions allow a player to get over further on their edges and increases range of motion. Without being held back like a traditional skate, the pivoting Extendon™ Tendon Guard allows a player to get every drop of power out of their stride while also increasing stride frequency. 

  • Model Number: A147156
  • Heritage: Mako
  • Level of Play Guideline:  Elite
  • Fit Guidelines: General fit aspects of the Mako boot is low to medium volume with a very contouring fit; offering low-medium volume in the ankle area, heel pocket, across the top of the foot and the toe box
  • Sizing Guidelines: Easton skates generally fit 1 1/2 sizes down from your regular shoe size


  • Quarter Package
    • Reinforced Carbon Composite Construction
      • Upgraded material in the heel (compared to previous Mako)
        • Increased durability and responsiveness
      • Excellent heat molding capabilities
    • Asymmetrical Quarter Package Heights
      • Inside edges of the quarter package are 5mm taller to provide extra support when cutting or cornering
      • Outside edges of the quarter packages are 5mm shorter to provide full extension during toe snap and increased stride frequency
  • Liner
    • Hydrophobic Microfiber Liner
      • Offers superior comfort and wicks away unwanted moisture
  • Heel Support
    • Deep v-cut in front of the tendon guard
  • Ankle Padding
    • Upgraded strategic soft foam ankle pads
      • Redesigned to eliminate the original "Mako Bumps"
  • Tongue Construction
    • Thick white felt tongue with dual-density foam
      • Felt runs all the way into the end of the toe box to eliminate negative space and to increase comfort
    • Injected-plastic metatarsal guard for impact and lace-bite protection 
  • Footbed
    • OrthoLite® Footbed
      • Open-cell Foam Technology offers strategic support and comfortable cushioning
      • Breathable, anti-microbial and washable
      • Helps to better manage moisture for drier feet
  • Outsole:
    • Carbon Fiber and Thermoplastic Resin
      • Stiff flat platform maximizing energy transfer
  • Blade Holder and Runner:
    • CXN Holder
      • Sits taller to allow for an aggressive turning radius
    • ES4 Stainless Steel Runner
      • Carries a 9' Radius
  • Weight of a Size 9D Skate: 839 grams 
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Comments: I've only had these skates for 2 days and I've skated in them for about 4 hours and straight away I found out what all the talk was all about. It was a pretty difficult task on putting them on because of the shape of the boot, but after a while you will get use to it. I was absolutely blown away with how well the fit was, it was almost close to perfect. I would recommend playing around with the lace tying a little bit however to adjust the tightness of the skates. (After dealing with slight compression in the tounge area). Skating around in the makos is such an amazing experience. I've never felt so sharp yet so easy flowing. Using the edges is an absolute wonder, doing nothing else but gripping and gripping. Also I would like to point out that the Makos are fast.... very fast. I would recommend these skates to anyone, but not everyone. These skates are narrow and the feel is incredibly weird. But I'm so glad I made the choice to wear these after living with bauers for over 2 years reffing hockey games up to four times a weekend. WAY TO GO EASTON!!
From: Adam, Perth, AUSTRALIA

Comments: What a tiny skate! I'm sure this would feel great to skate in, unfortunately there's no way I can get my foot into it. Word of advice: try in person/in store before you order online. This boot won't fit everyone!
From: Zim, Toronto, CAN

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