Easton Hockey Helmets are broken into three different categories; Elite, Performance and Recreational. The different categories vary in price, protection, comfort level and fit. The entire Easton E-Series of Helmets are known for their lightweight design and high-level of protection. This is due to the technology that was brought over from Easton-Bell's Bike and Motorcycle Helmets.

Easton Elite Hockey Helmets

The Elite Helmet Category is designed for the elite-level player who's on the rink 3-4 times a week, for those who want the highest-level of protection or for those who play in a full-contact league.
    • Liner: 
      • Multi-density VN Foam
    • Adjustment System
      • Single-tool front-to-back


    The Easton E400 NHL Pro Stock Helmets is an NHL exclusive that you can only find at IW Hockey. This pro-stock model features the same liner and shell construction as the standard E400 helmet, it just doesn't come with the two side Easton logos or the one on the rear. To finish off the legitimate NHL pro-stock look, pick up the NHL Helmet Sticker kit and rep your team. 

    Colors: 7
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