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SALE and CLEARANCE Inline Skates for Men

  • The K2 Il Capo is a hybrid skate that can do everything but race. This skate has a stiff, durable boot for powerblading, providing great power transfer and support and features a 247mm UFS frame which can be swapped out for any other UFS frame enabling lots of versatility. Comes with super durable, Hyper Concrete G 80mm, 84A wheels and slotted with ILQ7 bearings for quick acceleration. The Il Capo fits the mold of one skate that can be used in cities, slalom skating, aggressive tricks, and everything in between. Comes with brake in box.

    Sizes Available: 11.5
  • The K2 Radical Pro Boa Skates come with the Boa Speedlacing (lifetime guarantee against breakage) and all new colors. The Radical Pro features a carbon fiber base AND cuff to be light and strong. Radical HiLo frames use 110mm in the rear, and 100mm in the front to keep you low to the ground for added control and stability although skating large wheels. This along with K2's softboot construction makes the Radical Pro comfortable, fast, and light. Great for long distance, training, marathons, etc.

    • Considered unisex, skates are ordered and displayed on product box as Men's Size. Women will need to order approximately 1.5 size smaller based on their US shoe size. See K2 size chart.

    Sizes Available:
  • The K2 VO2 100 X BOA Inline Skates for 2014 bring all the bells and whistles K2 has to offer in this holy grail of cross training skates. The K2 Softboot design still remains the standard and the basis of it's performance, but this version uses the BOA speedlacing (lifetime guarantee against breakage, and combined with the new VO2 cuff, this skate ensures optimal comfort without any loss of power transfer.

  • The K2 VO2 100 X Pro Inline Skates for 2014 are the perfect choice for skaters interested in speed, but without giving up the support found in a fitness skate. The revolutionary Vortech Ventilation System was designed to allow maximum air flow and minimize moisture buildup to produce a skate that's just as comfortable training in as it would be for completing marathons.

  • The 2014 K2 VO2 90 BOA Inline Skates for Men are the ultimate upgrade of fitness skates. Considered an entry level training skate, there is nothing substandard about the VO2 90 BOA, and it's a great skate for intermediate to advanced level skaters. The new VO2 cuff ensures optimal comfort without any loss to power transfer. Underneath the boot, the VO2.2 frame is outfitted with 90mm, 83A wheels and ILQ9 bearings to produce a skate with a fast, smooth roll.

    Sizes Available: 6.5, 9.0, 14.0
  • The 2014 K2 VO2 90 Pro Inline Skates for Men are the logical choice for fitness skaters that want to graduate to bigger wheels and higher speeds. The K2 Softboot design still remains the basis of it's performance and comfort. Speed lacing and the new VO2 cuff ensure optimal comfort without any loss to power transfer.

    Sizes Available: 9.5, 11.5, 14.0
  • Part of Powerslide's Freeskate (FSK) series, the Powerslide Imperial FSK Inline Skates are perfect for beginners skaters that want good control and comfort in a low priced skate. The Imperial skates have Powerslide's unique X-Slot mounting to allow the skater to adjust the frames laterally, and the liner features nano leather and mesh for comfort. Standard lacing, memory buckle ankle strap, micro-ratchet 45 degree strap, and lycra easy-in lining all maintain good support and convenience, while Powerslide 80mm / 85A wheels with ABEC 7 bearings on a Gamma freeskate-designed frame made of aircraft aluminum, enable smooth roll with excellent maneuverability.

  • The Powerslide R2 Inline Speed Skates are back for 2013 with few changes to an already great skate. A full composite, reinforced nylon shellh as been designed with Powerslide's Skeleton Concept design meaning you get extreme strength and stiffness with very low weight. Combined with the new DoubleX frames, this is a great skate for strong intermediate to advanced skaters looking to get into the speed skating world.

  • The Powerslide R4 Inline Speed Skates are the little brother to the R2. Both are Powerslide's entry-points into the speed skating world with the R4 using a higher cut boot than the R2. Using fiberglass reinforced nylon instead of carbon, the boots allows more give and comfort. The cuff is softer and more forgiving than Powerslide's higher end boots with the R4 giving more support than the R2 with a higher cuff.

    Sizes Available: 12.5
  • As the British would say, "If you got big trotters...." you'd need big skates! Roces S255 inline skates are specifically made for sizes 14 and larger. Even if you have big feet, you should not have to suffer, therefore Roces designed these for up to intermediate level skaters using 90mm wheels, allowing good speed without losing maneuverability. The shell is ventilated, allowing excellent air flow and made from fiberglass reinforced nylon so weight does not become an issue. Extremely comfortable liners with breathable membranes for cooling ensure a comfortable skate.

    Sizes Available: 14.0, 16.0, 17.0
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