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The CCM U+ 12 shin guards offer high quality protection at a mid-level price.  The U+ 12 has vents throughout the shin and knee shell for increased air circulation.  The U+ 12 shin guard is ideal for intermediate to advanced level play.
The U+ 12 also has a ribbed outer shell designed to disperse impacts equally throughout the shin pad. CCM's cross straps hold the shin guard in proper position for a nice tight feel. The cross straps run diagonally across the back of the calf padding to reduce irritation while holding the shin guard in place for maximum protection. The inner removable comfort liner is attached with velcro and can be adjusted for a custom feel and added comfort.
  • Model Number: SGU12
  • Heritage: CCM U+ FIT07
  • Level of Play: Ideal for intermediate to advanced level play
  • CCM Sizing Guidelines:
    Shin Pad Size / Player height
    14" / 5'4" - 5'8"
    15" / 5'8" - 6'
    16" / 6' - 6'4"
  • Protection:
    • Extended and reinforced thigh protection
    • Segmented knee pad comfort zone
    • Vented anatomical shell
    • Reinforced calf wrap
  • Liner:
    • Comfort liner
    • Removable inner foam liner
      • Held in with velcro and can be adjusted for a custom fit
  • Fit:
    • Cross-over 1" wide strapping system
    • Removable anatomic shin bed 
  • Weight
    • 468 grams (14" shin guard)
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Comments: Excellent pair of shin guards. I came from Easton Stealth 55S so I can't really compare them to anything since the Eastons were entry level guards and obviously subpar compared to the CCM U+12. That being said, they are rather light and very protective. Although they felt large, they don't inhibit my stride. I've taken a few slappers off of A-leaguers and felt nothing. The strap system is really nice and snug, although I still have to tape them as I have very skinny shins. I would definitely buy these again.

From: Darren, SC

Comments: Good value for the pad.  Relatively slim profile and the combination of the well defined knee donut and Y-strapping system provide a secure fit.  Light enough weight and the removable liner make allows for quicker drying.  If this is your price point for shin guards I'd recommend it. 
From: Michael, CT

Comments: These are the best shin guards I've owned in 5 years of playing roller hockey. I've had them for 6 months and they still look and feel brand new.
-great protection: take pucks and slashing and feel nothing
-great fit: fits snugly to leg, and doesn't get hot!
-calf wrap offers great protection
-cross-strap system is THE BEST STRAP SYSTEM I'VE EVER FELT! My shin guards never move or slide no matter how hard I skate or how hard I get slashed!
-very flexible and hardly restrict movement
-removable liner makes airing out easy and effective


Fantastic shin guards (thank you CCM and IW!) and I would recommend to any roller hockey player!

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