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The CCM U+ 10 Blades combine a lightweight fiberglass/carbon weave with a foam core to offer solid puck feel. The U+ 10 blade features single bridge construction, making the blade stiffer and providing a focused sweet spot. Fits traditional shafts.

  • Model Year: 2011
  • Heritage: New for 2011
  • Level of Play: Intermediate to advanced level of play
  • Shaft CompatibilityTraditional shafts
  • Weight: 164 grams (based on Ovechkin curve)



  • Construction:
    • Fiberglass/Carbon composite construction
    • Single Bridge technology 
      • Provides a stiff, focused sweet spot 
  • Hosel:
    • Full carbon construction 
  • Core:
    • Foam core provides a solid puck feel


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Comments: Let me give you a little background information real quick so you can get a better idea for these skates. I'm 20 years old, play college hockey for a D3 school, and have never been a person to buy skates, or sticks for that matter, over $200. But, my friends kept yelling at me that my game would improve if I just spent the money on a high end pair of skates...they were not wrong. After a long time looking at different models, I settled on the new Bauer Nexus 1000...and I have not been disappointed. And neither will you. These skates are absolutely amazing. I recommend them highly and I have no negative comments about them. Comfortable, Light, Durable...everything that a pair of $200 skates wishes they could be. If you are like I was, just purchasing $200 skates one after another, please, learn from my story, and buy a pair of high end skates. You will not regret it.
From: Chris, Buffalo, NY

Comments: Blade felt really good until it split right down the center of the blade after 2 weeks. Definitely not a good value for the price.
From: Alex, Alexandria, VA

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CCM Standard Hockey Blades Senior

  • The CCM Ultimate ABS Hockey Blades are ideal for outdoor hockey, regardless of the surface it will be used on. The CCM Ultimate Blade uses a strong, ABS reinforcement that can be used on rough concrete or pavement, unlike traditional wood blades. This blade also has a very popular heritage because of these features and dates back to the classic Koho Ultimate 2100. 
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