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The CCM U+ 08 hockey shoulder pads offer a good level of protection with a lightweight feel. CCM has a used a three panel design on the front and a single panel design on the back. The three panel design offers additional mobility while maintaining protection.  The U+ 08 is a great shoulder pad for the price point.

  • Model Number: SPU08
  • Heritage:CCM U+05
  • Level of Play: Ideal for entry to intermediate level play
  • CCM Sizing Guidelines:
    Shoulder Pad Size / Player Height / Chest circumference(inches)
    SM / 4'4"-4'8" / 26"-30"
    MD / 4'6"-4'10" / 28"-32"
    LG / 4'8"-5'0 / 30"-34"


  • Protection:
    • Injection molded low profile shoulder caps
    • Dual layer foam shoulder blade protection
    • Multi-layer foam and plastic insert sternum guard
    • Segmented foams with plastic insert spine guard
    • Pre-shaped plastic insert clavicle guard, and bicep guard
  • Liner:
    • Brushed nylon comfort liner 
  • Fit:
    • B.I.O. System with Free-Flexx construction
    • Free-Flexx construction sternum guard for improved mobility
    • Asymmetrical and adjustable floating bicep protection
    • Flexible nylon neck opening
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Comments: We got the CCM U+ 08 hockey shoulder pads from you and not only was it the pads I wanted but it was at a great price too. My older shoulder pads did it job but nothing gives me the protection with a lightweight feel then my NEW CCM U 08 pads. My dad wanted me to get the three panel design on the front with the added protection on my chest, and great movement on the back for great mobility while maintaining protection. The U+ 08 is a great shoulder pad at a great price. I will be back on your sight soon for new gloves Thanks N.H
From: Nicholas, Orlando State, FL

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CCM Hockey Shoulder Pads Junior & Youth

  • The CCM Ultra Tacks Hockey Shoulder Pads are the top of the line shoulder pads in the CCM Tacks lineup, offering professional protection and performance. CCM uses a lightweight high-density foam in the sternum, spine, and bicep guards for a high level of protection and flexibility.

  • The CCM 6052 Hockey Shoulder Pads are built to provide maximum coverage while still maintaining a lightweight flexibility. The shoulder cap is constructed of a molded high-density foam with hard plastic (PE) inserts and medium-density foams on top for two-way protection on the ice.

  • The CCM Tacks 1052 Hockey Shoulder Pads provide entry level protection with great mobility. The multi-segmented low-density foam base gives a layer of protection around the chest, ribs and upper back, while allowing for unobstructed movement. CCM uses a hard plastic (PE) shoulder cap and low density for shoulder protection, and a molded plastic with high density foams in both the sternum and bicep guards. 

  • The CCM Ultra Tacks Youth Hockey Shoulder Pads bring a raised level of protection for young hockey prospects. The segmented medium density foam liner makes for a comfortable and protective base layer. The shoulder caps are made of a hard plastic that keeps the young player safe as well as the other players on the ice. 

  • The CCM Tacks Youth Hockey Shoulder Pads are the perfect first pad for beginners. Its soft foam design ensures that it fits comfortably, while it uses thick foams and plastic protect the arms, shoulders, sternum and spine. 

  • The CCM RBZ Shoulder Pads are the premier model in the RBZ lineup. CCM's Crazy Light U Foam is utilized in the shoulder caps and liner to greatly reduce the weight of the pad and resist any water absorption. High density foams line the sternum, clavicle, spine and bicep guard for professional level protection.

  • The CCM RBZ Shoulder Pads are perfect for the youngster that needs a low profile pad for better mobility. The molded plastic reinforcements in the sternum, clavicle and spine provides comprehensive coverage and good protection to the key areas.

  • The CCM RBZ 130 Shoulder Pads are ideal for intermediate to advanced level play and feature a low-profile design that increases mobility without sacrificing protection. The RBZ 130's were upgraded with reinforced clavicle and spine protection along with an adjustable bicep guard for a custom fit. The sternum guard is integrated to create a 3-piece design for overall better mobility and range of motion.

  • The CCM RBZ 110 Shoulder Pads offer a solid level of protection at a good price. The reinforced PE inserts in the sternum and clavicle improve the protection while keeping the pads lightweight. The RBZ 110 features a low-profile design that reduces the bulkiness of the pads and increases the overall range of motion. The foam overlay on the plastic shoulder caps protects both you and your opponent.

  • The CCM RBZ 90 Shoulder Pads are the entry level model for the RBZ lineup. The low profile design is outfitted with medium density foams reinforced with plastic inserts to provide lightweight protection for every key area.


  • The CCM RBZ 90 Shoulder Pads are the entry level model for the RBZ lineup. The low profile design is outfitted with medium density foams reinforced with plastic inserts to provide lightweight protection for every key area.

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