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The CCM RibCor 44K Ice Hockey Skates are generously priced and come with great features such as the SkateLock™ system, the next generation Pump™ Technology and CCM's flagship SpeedBlade 4.0 holder. The exclusive SkateLock™ system allows players to lace the top three eyelets independently of the bottom set of eyelets for optimal lacing customization.

These CCM 44K skates are the first model in RibCor line to premier the SpeedBlade 4.0 holders, which are also found on the top of the line 50K's. These holders with their triangular design work to prevent any twisting or torquing from occurring, maximizing energy transfer through each stride. The next generation Pump™ Technology inflates an air bladder located in the heel, which then eliminates any natural gaps around the foot for superb heel lock. 

  • Model Number: SK44P
  • Heritage: Reebok 26K
  • Level of Play Guideline: Performance
  • Skate Fit Guidelines: Low Volume / shallow heel pocket - narrow forefoot - low instep
  • Sizing Guidelines: CCM skates generally fit 2 sizes down from your regular shoe size
  • Quarter Package:
    • RibCor Flex with an Elite Synthetic Core
      • Provides support, stability and excellent forward flexion
      • Lightweight Polyurethane composite shell increases durability and longevity 
      • Heat moldable
    • Next Generation Pump™ Technology
      • Inflatable bladder that increases heel lock, provides more ankle support and minimizes negative space
      • Now more efficient with each pump with a lower-profile design located further back on the boot
    • SkateLock™
      • Allows for two isolated lacing zones by tightening the top three eyelets independently of the forefoot
  • Liner:
    • Dual-Zone Tacky Nash and Microfiber Liner
      • Tacky Nash in the heel for increased heel lock
      • Combines comfort and durability while also helping to wick away moisture
  • Ankle Padding:
    • Thick comfort foams
  • Tongue Construction
    • Two-piece white felt tongue with high-density injected foams
  • Footbed:
    • CCM Molded Footbed
  • Outsole
    • Low-profile, Injected TPR with Exhaust Vents
      • Stable and supportive
      • Exhaust vents allow moisture to escape out of the bottom of the boot for dryer feet 
  • Blade Holder and Runner:
    • SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder 
      • SpeedRibs utilize a triangular design that increases torsional resistance which in turn helps get the most speed and power possible out of the holder
      • Provides one of the most aggressive turning radius on the market 
    • SpeedBlade Stainless Steel Runners
  • Weight of a Size 9D skate: 885 grams
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Comments: In addition to my other review on these skates, I would like to say that I absolutely love the lace lock on these skates.

I used to have to have my skates tight all the way up, my first time using these skates thats how I laced them. The bottom portion up to the lace lock stayed nice and tight but the upper portion loosened up and I didn't even notice. The lace lock kept the boot nice and tight and I had no issues skating even with the top laces untied.
From: Mike, Lompoc, CA

Comments: I absolutely love these skates.

I got them at the IW store front, and had them bake them for me.

The arch was a little high for me so I used the insoles from my old Bauer's which is very thin and flat. That worked perfect for my feet. These fit much better than my old Bauer nexus 200's, and there feels like there is much more support compared to my old skates.

So far I have used these skates at 3 pick up games and I'm very happy with the fit and feel of them.
From: Mike, Lompoc, CA

Comments: I absolutely loved these skates, these were the first CCM skates that I had, and they blew me away. They are so much better than Bauer because of how comfortable they are and how they make you faster because of that. And you can adjust the comfort by using their Pump System. Thanks CCM for the awesome product
From: Lyusyen, San Diego, CA

Comments: I liked these skates after my second skate, they were perfectly molded to my feet. Only downside I had was that it seems like they are a little thin to protect against shots, especially on the inside of the boot. Other than that they are a very good skate especially for the price.
From: Tim, Omaha, NE

Comments: These skates aren't the best..Bauer has a better fit, better blade and the laces even hold tighter..MY 44ks just didn't hold my ankle well when trying to bite into the ice and they also are pointy in the toe which gave me lack of control..I use to have Bauer vapors and I made a mistake of buying these, Go with Bauer they are just faster on the ice for some reason..the pumps dont do anything really just a little bit of pressure throughout the foot but doesnt really hold it in place
From: Chase, Lincoln

Comments: As someone who is just starting out, they are perfect in my case. I needed a wider skate and they have a good fit for someone who has a high arch. The pump helps lock in the heel and provides some extra support and customization.
From: Steffan, Flint, MI

Comments: I just received my ribcor 44K's yesterday. When I pulled them out of the box I laced them up and tried them on they felt great and I haven't even been on the ice yet! I am pumped to get on the ice this week and really test them out! I will wright another review once I can get ice time.
From: Jared, Charlotte, NC

Comments: Been off the ice for a couple of years getting back into the sport and wanted to get a good pair. I have to say had CCM tacks and wanted to stick with them but was told about the Ribcors and have to say glad I listened. Had them out a few times now public skate and some stick and puck time and have say I love them. They are a little stiff but very manageable. If you have a kinda widea but not that wide enough for the EE then these will work great. Great skate and very comfortable with the option of the pump for the heel for some added lock in feel
From: Steve, Ft. Benning, GA

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CCM RibCor Ice Hockey Skates
Flexible Fit

  • The White CCM RibCor 50K Skates are a limited edition run on the successful 50K skate that has been used by the likes of Marian Hossa, David Perron and Matt Duchene. CCM took the RibCor Elite Quarter Package to the next level by strategically stiffening key zones of the boot; providing players with even more comfort, agility and power through each stride.

  • The CCM RibCor 50K Ice Hockey Skate is the premier model in the new CCM RibCor Line. This 50K utilizes a totally reengineered RibCor Elite Quarter Package; providing some of the best out of box comfort and agility on the market. For the first time in this RibCor Line, CCM utilized a full composite midsole that offers unparalleled support, responsiveness and feel through the foot to the ice. 

  • The CCM RibCor 48K Ice Hockey Skates are a stellar deal for the performance features they come with. The RibCor 48K's showcase CCM's premier carbon fiber outsole for maximum energy transfer, while the SpeedBlack Runners add a stealthy look and can hold an edge longer than traditional steel. The pro-spec tongue has ample foam reinforcement and an integrated lace-bite saddle, providing pro-level comfort and protection.

  • The CCM RibCor 46K Ice Hockey Skates are an excellent middle-of-the-pack option that boasts comfortable, high-end performance. With its RibCor Flex Plus quarter package and FlexCore inner core, these 46K's are designed for ultimate agility and speed, backed by ultimate comfortability. 

  • The CCM RibCor 44K Ice Hockey Skates are generously priced and come with great features such as the SkateLock™ system, the next generation Pump™ Technology and CCM's flagship SpeedBlade 4.0 holder. The exclusive SkateLock™ system allows players to lace the top three eyelets independently of the bottom set of eyelets for optimal lacing customization.

  • The CCM RibCor 42K Ice Hockey Skates are the first model in the CCM RibCor Line to feature the next generation Pump™ Technology. This inflatable heel bladder provides pro-style customization, which helps to eliminate negative space while maximizing heel lock. 

  • The CCM RibCor 40K Ice Hockey Skates are the entry level model in the CCM's RibCor Line. These RibCor 40K Skates feature an Elite Synthetic Quarter Package, ideal for the casual skater or new to hockey player. For pro-like comfort and lace-bite protection, CCM included a two-piece white felt tongue with injected foams. 

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