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The CCM U+ Crazy Light Ice Hockey Skates are the Premier ice skates from CCM offering an advance pro level performance, and the only skates from CCM made in Canada.  CCM has redesigned and perfected the fit of the U+ ice hockey skate with the new quarter package design. The U+ Crazy Light features additional ankle reinforcement and a more relaxed forefoot construction to ensure out of box comfort and skate performance.

The U+ Crazy Light skate, sometimes referred to as the CCM U+ CL skates, takes the heat mold ability that CCM's U+ skates have become known for and taken it to the next level. CCM has added U foam in the tongue and footbed, so that in conjunction with the foam in the quarter package and ankle offers a 360° customization. The new quarter package features embossed surlyn to enhance step-in comfort and maintain durability. To further help increase durability with a bumper zone and metal mesh in high abrasion areas. 

The U+ CL skates feature CCM's exhaust system composed of the ventilated tongue, footbed, and outsole.  These pieces work together as one "moisture exhaust system" to help keep feet cool, dry and lightweight.

CCM is relabeling their skates "EE", instead of just "E".  Although, the fit is NOT changing.  "EE" is just a more accurate representation of the fit when compared to other brands.  Therefore, your skates may come labeled "EE" or "E", but rest assured the fit is NOT changing.

  • Model Year: 2011
  • Model Number: SKUCL
  • Heritage: CCM U+ Pro
  • Level of Player: Ideal for the advance to pro level player
  • Fit Guidelines: General fit aspects of the CCM boot are medium-high volume, medium ankle area, wide across top of foot and forefoot and medium toe box.
  • Sizing Guidelines: CCM skates generally fit 1 1/2 sizes down from your regular shoe size

  • Quarter Package:
    • Vector Armour quarter technology provides pro level responsiveness
      • Vamping "bumper" protects the quarter package in the high abrasion zone
      • Surlyn coating and metal mesh inserts maximize durability
    • Embossments are designed to enhance step-in comfort and foot wrap 
  • Liner:
    • Clarino with anti-microbial assures player comfort
      • The branded grip liner maximizes heel lock for extra response when skating
  • Ankle Padding:
    • U Foam is a highly advanced heat reactive material conforms to each individual foot, eliminating negative space for suprerior fit and maximum energy transfer
    • Poron ankle reinforcement provides superior fit, increased stability and fills in the negative space around the heel, ankle and Achilles tendon
  • Heel Support:
    • Heat moldable U Foam
    • A deep heel pocket secures and enhances foot stability
  • Tongue: CCM Pro Armour Tongue
    • 60 durometer U foam for added protection 
    • Felt provides instant comfort and interior foot wrap
    • Compressed foam insert with articulated zones protects against lace bite while enabling forward flexion
    • Exhaust system - Venting holes down the sides of the tongue from increase air circulation and help keep feet cool dry and lightweight 
  • Footbed:
    • Custom support footbed
    • U Foam core layer for moldability, supports the foot increased stiffness for maximum energy transfer and response
    • Diamond pattern base layer enhances moisture management and ventilation
  • Outsole:
    • Carbon Composite - Ensures maximum energy transfer in every stride
  • Blade Holder and Runner:
    • E-blade Pro holder - Asymmetric front mounting plate design maximizes push-off force
    • Proformance Lite™ stainless steel 
  • Weight of a size 9D skate: 870.3 grams
  • Made In:
    • Canada
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Comments: These skates are awesome!You can't even imagine how comfortable they are on your feet. And lightweight to!
From: Erdal, Helsinki, Finland

Comments: I wasn't sold on these when trying on because of some pressure points on the outer sole by my mid-foot (felt with each foot) and the volume seemed a little too much especially in the forefoot toe box area. However I kept reading about how baking transforms these skates unlike any others on the market. Due to limited inventory choices I decided to give these a try. Baking them completely got rid of any hot spots, sucked in the top and sides of the skate around my forefoot and the pressure points on the outer sole have gone away after several skates. They are very comfortable yet supportive and stiff. I don't think they are as stiff as the top end skates from Bauer but that's not necessarily a bad thing. They are also not the lightest but the weight difference to other top ends skates isn't noticeable on the ice. Overall great choice and so far the durability is holding up as well. No loose eyelets and blade holds an edge well.
From: Brian, RO, MI

Comments: Great skate
From: Kyle

Comments: These CCM U+CL skates are so comfortable, but you have bake them at least twice to achieve the best fitting. The U foam is where the magic happens, after heat molding, they will completely hugs the shape of your feet. The first try to heat mold these skates, I followed the instruction came with he skates, but the U foam didn't soften up enough to mold. The second try I baked close to 12 minutes with 200F degrees, and the result was great. No more pinching or rubbing at all. The out sole and quater package is very solid, and the weight is light enough for my skill level. They are not the lightest skates in the market, but they are lighter then many other models and brands
From: Li

Comments: I upgraded to these skates from some reebok 6k and .... OH GOD !! THESE ARE CRAZY. THE FIT OF THESE ARE PHENOMENAL !! ITS LIKE HAVING A CUSTOM SKATES ON ! the heel is correctly locket and the energytransfer is amazing. The only problems with theses skates are the price and the break in time (it took me 2 months to break them in). You have to have a good seller if you want to buy these skates because youy need to bake puch the skates .... to conform to you foot. GO AND BUY THEM !!!
From: Sam

Comments: These are the greatest skates I have ever put on my foot. They feel like slippers. They are even better when baked.
From: ??

Comments: These skates aren't the lightest on the market but are still very light skates. The support and fit is phenomenal. My favorite part about the skate is that the boot has a super hard shell which really save your feet from slap shots and slashes. I plan on buying another pair once mine fall apart which might not be for a long while.
From: Rob

Comments:Just got back from Vermont. Spent the weekend on my new CCM U+CL skates. They are awesome. Perfect fit. Cannot believe the power transfer from skates. It feels as if you are wearing the blades directly on your feet. Great support throughout. Padding when heat molded give the perfect fit and support.
From: ??

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