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The CCM RBZ Ice Hockey Skates are the premier skates from CCM, providing players with a pro level of performance. The RBZ features all new technologies such as the SpeedBlade Holder, Hyper-Glide Polished Runner and the Action Form™ & Speed Core quarter package. Also included is the option to choose one of three different CCM Custom Support Insoles that will support your foot like never before, improving the comfort and fit of the skate allowing you to get the absolute most out of every stride.

CCM saved their premium runner, the SpeedBlade Hyper-Glide runner, exclusively for the flagship RBZ hockey skate. The runner has a shiny finish due to the machine polishing process it goes through. A player can feel the difference on the polished Hyper-Glide because it allows a player to more efficiently glide on the ice and creates less drag. The effect of polishing is very similar to applying wax to the bottom of skis, a more efficient glide. The Speed Blade holder the runner sits in received a solid update as well. The front and rear post sits 4 mm taller to allow a player to turn more aggressively, boasting one of the tightest turning radius' in the game. The SpeedRibs provide excellent strength and stability due to the triangular design.

The quarter package maintains the advanced level of performance with the Action Form™ outer shell encasing the Speed Core. These two work together to give a player a professionally stiff quarter package that allows for explosive speed and quickness. The Action Form™ shell and Speed Core are also very conforming during the heat molding process so that a player can get a precise and custom fit. 

  • Ordering Process:
    • Step #1: Select CCM RBZ Skate size
    • Step #2: Select Custom Support Insole size


  • Model Number: SKRBZ
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play Guideline:  Elite
  • Fit Guidelines: General fit aspects of the CCM boot are medium-high volume, medium ankle area, wide across top of foot and forefoot and medium toe box.
  • Sizing Guidelines: CCM skates generally fit 2 full sizes down from your regular shoe size.
    • If you wore a 2012 or older CCM skate, you should choose a 1/2 size smaller 2013 CCM skate
      • (i.e. 2012 CCM CL 8.0 = 2013 CCM RBZ 7.5)
    • CCM RBZ skates fit about 1/4 size smaller than Reebok skates
  • Quarter Package: 
    • Action Form™ composite shell 
      • Provides great stability for excellent energy transfer
      • Fully heatmoldable for personalized fit
    • Speed Core
      • Supplies a pro level stiffness optimizing a player's reaction speed and explosiveness
  • Liner:
    • Full Clarino
      • Very soft to the touch and is excellent at wicking away moisture
  • Tongue Construction:
    • Pro Two-Piece White Felt Tongue
      • Traditional and comfortable feel
      • Injected foams under the lace-bite protection
  • Footbed:
    • Custom Support Insoles™
      • Hi, Mid, and Low Arch support insure full contact with the foot and the skate for a maximized stride 
      • Included in the Product Review Video is a demonstration that can be done at home to see what arch type and insole is best for you
  • Outsole:
    • Lightweight arbon composite construction with air vents
      • Top notch stiffness and responsiveness
      • Air vents help push moisture out of the boot and keep a player's foot dry
  • Blade Holder and Runner:
    • Speed Blade 4.0 Holder
      • Speed Blade Holder is 4 mm higher than previous CCM holders, allowing for one of the most aggressive turning radius in the game
      • SpeedRibs utilize a triangular design that increases torsional resistance which in turn helps get the most speed and power possible out of the holder
    • SpeedBlade Hyper-Glide Runner
      • Polished steel provides extra glide and less drag, similar concept to wax on the bottom of a ski
  • Weight of a Size 9D Skate:
    • 809 grams
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Comments: Worst durability ever. I play jr. A in Canada and have gone through two pairs. Now I am on my third pair. They both have broken where the toecap is glued to the footbed. After 60 days of owning and using the skates they broke. CCM keeps sending me the same skates that keep on breaking. I have had trouble with the top 2 eyelets as well. They certainly are comfy but it's a shame CCM can not produce a durable skate. CCM RBZ skates are not built to last. Would not recommend buying them.
From: Jake, MN

Comments: Just like Stephen, both my boys have the RBZ skates and all 4 top eyelets on both pairs have split. That's 8 failed eyelets. The pro shop replaced both pairs under warranty and after only 3 weeks, all 8 top eyelets have split with at least 1 falling out. I keep looking for a recall notice on this as I too have heard from others, including our pro shop, that this is a pervasive issue. So far I've only heard of laces being shred, no fingers yet!
From: Jerry, Coral Springs, FL

Comments: Ok, these are the best skates ever. I have skated in the apx 2, and they where terrible. Mainly because of my wide feet, but also, the new lacing system is crap. The composite outside isn't nearly as good as the rbz, and this skate is insanely comfortable. It remains stiff and just gets better. I would recommend wax laces, but that's about all that you need to change. Like I said, I've been through 11k's, apx 2's and ccm cl's but nothing is even close to these. Truly a skate you have to try to believe.
From: Denny, Canada

Comments: I have worn CCM for ever. Love these boots. Heat molded made for literally no breakin period. The new steel is awesome. Very fast and holds the edge for much longer.

Only problem is with the top eyelets. I am on my second pair, first pair exchanged by the the retail shop, and am still having issues with the eyelets breaking down and coming out of the skate. The eyelets, as a result of breaking down are also snagging the laces and cutting them. Have gone back to the retail shop and am seeking resolution from CCM. Nothing yet. I spoke with another person who knows other people having the same problem,

Except for this the best skate ever.
From: Stephen

Comments: This is the best skates, I baked and wear it on ice for 2 hours and the new blade and holder really stand out! I wear CCM and has been try to switch to Bauer in recent years, but no luck, tried TotalOne and TotalOne NXG back to back year, has to change back to CCM. Now, I just notice I had Tack 1052, Vector Pro, U+ Pro, U+ 06 and then U+ CL. These skates is by far one of the best among all of them and I think I found my pairs. Anyone using CCM skates shouldn't have too much difficulty for adjustment as I just change it from CL.
From: Alex, Canada

Comments: I've skated on the RBZ's about eight times now and they continue to feel great. The blade holds an edge very well (I have not had to resharpen them yet).
Instead of the normal 1 1/2 sizes down from a street shoe, I went down 2 1/2 sizes. I wear a 10.5 E in a street shoe and I am skating on an 8D in the RBZ. I am also using a performance skate sock that really works well with the skate.
From: JW, AZ

Comments: I was able to demo a pair of RBZ's prior to their general release and found them to be an excellent skate if you have a wide foot. The fit out of the box is comfortable, however, after heat molding for 15 minutes they conform even better to your feet and have an excellent fit. The blade holds a very good edge and due to the new elevated height there were no issues with bottoming out during tight turns. The boot is very stiff but comfortable at the same time. I did notice a bit of lace bite but it wasn't worse than any other high performing skate. The custom insole will definitely help anyone that has a higher or lower than normal arch, allowing for a more custom fit. CCM has a winner in the RBZ and I will be preordering mine today.
From: Jeff, AZ

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