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The CCM 500 Goalie Chest Protector provides solid protection for junior goaltenders playing up to the advanced levels of ice hockey. The streamlined design is less bulky than comparable chest protectors on the market for improved mobility, offering a more traditional feel.

CCM's 500 chest protector is constructed from durable 400 D nylon, and microfiber leather for increased durability on the high wear areas. CCM's traditional segmented chest block design allows the goaltender to move freely without restriction and soft low density foams inner liner provides additional comfort and protection. Additional chest protection comes from the floating high density (HD) foam sternum guard. CCM's large shoulder wings and molded shoulder caps help increase net coverage as well as provide crucial upper chest and shoulder protection. The arms on the CCM 500 chest guard are attached at the shoulder using a more traditional nylon cordage allowing slight adjustments to the overall arm length. The arm hinges have been redesigned to provide more flexibility and feature JDP® (Joint Discharge Principle) molded elbow caps to help disperse impacts away from the elbow and shoulders. CCM's wider spine design helps anchor the chest protector and helps to distribute the weight. CCM's new spine anchor system helps keep the protector balanced on the chest ensuring maximum coverage.

  • Model Number: AB500
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play:
    • Roller: Professional
    • Ice: Advanced
  • CCM Sizing Guidelines:
    • Size // Height // Arm Length // Belly Length
    • SM/MD // 3'8" - 4'0" // 40" // 13"
    • LG/XL // 4'0" - 4'4" // 42" // 14"


*Fitting Guide: Recommendations are based on average-sized consumers and should be used as a guide only.

  • Construction
    • 400 D nylon exterior
    • 1.35mm microfiber
  • Shoulder:
    • Large shoulder wings
      • Provide increased coverage
    • Molded plastic and foam shoulder caps
  • Chest:
    • Segmented chest blocks
      • Traditional design
    • High density (HD) floating sternum guard
    • Wrap around rib protection
  • Arms:
    • Adjustable arm length
    • Redesigned arm hinges
      • Provides additional flexibility at the elbow
    • Two-Piece hinged arm floaters
    • JDP® (Joint Discharge Principle) elbow caps
      • Helps disperse impact away from the elbow and shoulders
    • Five adjustable elastic arm straps
  • Back:
    • Wider spine design with plastic insert
      • Improves chest pad balance
      • Helps distribute weight evenly
    • Waist and shoulder strapping system
  • Weight:
    • 3.35lbs (Based on a Junior LG/XL)
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