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The CCM 4 Roll PRO ll hockey gloves offer advanced protection with a traditional hockey glove design. The 4 back rolls offer a traditional fit providing the player with generous volume ensuring a great range of motion.

CCM has used an NHL® nylon exterior to offer great breathability and durability in a lightweight package.  The 4 Roll PRO ll uses a triple deck foam through the back of the glove along with plastic inserts to provide an advanced pro level of protection.  CCM does a nice job with the 3-piece articulate thumb placing the thumb in a natural position.  This thumb design prevents the thumb from moving backwards while still allowing good forward flex providing better control of your hockey stick.

The 4 Roll Pro ll has a new palm.  CCM used a pro nash palm with a nash reinforcement that runs through the palm specifically designed for intense play.  Embossed detailing provides an extra layer of comfort and improved contact between the hand and the stick.

  • Model Number: HG4RP2
  • Heritage: CCM Pro 4 Roll
  • Level of Play: Ideal for advanced to pro level play
  • Fit Guidelines: Traditional fit - Offer generous volume for a traditional hockey glove fit with ample wrist mobility
  • Sizing Guidelines: Size varies on personal preference, see sizing chart below


  • Exterior:
    • NHL® Nylon - Lighter, more durable and breathable
    • Synthetic leather accent strip
    • Logo stitched 
  • Protection:
    • Triple deck foam
    • Plastic inserts in the cuff, backhand, and fingers
    • 3-piece articulate thumb - Has an angled cut to flex with the natural thumb movement
  • Palm:
    • Pro Nash palm
    • Nash leather overlay in the palm and thumb
  • Liner:
    • Pro quality comfort liner -Runs the entire length of the glove 
    • Anti-microbial treatment
  • Fit:
    • Traditional fit - Offer generous volume for a traditional hockey glove fit with ample wrist mobility
    • Mobile cuff design has stretch fabric for improved mobility 
  • Sizes:
    • 13", 14", and 15"
  • Weight:
    • 303 grams (based on a 14" glove)
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Comments: These gloves come out of the bag ready to play with almost no break-in time required. Very comfortable and greater movement range than most of the other gloves I have tried on in pro shops. As is the current trend, you wont find any finished leather-- it is instead replaced by durable feeling nylon-like material. The palms have held up so far (playing 3x a week for the past year). I wish the sweat liner on the inside was removable to aid in washing, but they do fold out so you can get a faucet onto them fairly easily. These gloves give you a more traditional design thats using current materials and have more maneuverability than all of these new crazy styles and designs that are coming out. More importantly, they look good!
From: Kyle, Seattle, WA

Comments: I have tried many different gloves on the market. There are so many brands and styles and shapes of hockey gloves, but the most important thing for any Hockey player should be comfort. All gloves pretty much do the same thing as far as safety is concerned, so comfortability should be the number one priority. After trying on a pair of CCM 4 Roll PRO II Hockey Gloves, I knew immediately that I needed to buy them. Wearing these gloves felt great. It's was as if there is a comfortable couch on both my hands. These gloves seem to be already broken in. Any experienced hockey player hates breaking in new gloves. It is a great feeling to be able to purchase a pair of gloves, and be able to immediately wear them in a game without losing a step! I highly recommend these gloves to any hockey player, experienced or beginner!
From: Chris

Hockey Glove Finder

To find your glove size, measure (in inches) from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm, double this number or multiply by 2 and that will give you the correct size. Below is a general sizing guideline for additional information.
Glove SizeAgePlayer WeightPlayer Height
8" 4 - 7 40 - 60 lbs. 3'3" - 4'1"
9" 6 - 9 50 - 70 lbs. 3'9" - 4'7"
10" 8 - 11 60 - 90 lbs. 4'3" - 4'8"
11" 9 - 12 70 - 100 lbs. 4'5" - 5'
12" 11 - 14 80 - 110 lbs. 4'11" - 5'4"
13" 14+ 120 - 160 lbs. 5'5" - 5'9"
14" 14+ 140 - 180 lbs. 5'7" - 5'11"
15" 15+ 160 - 200 lbs. 5'9" - 6'1"
Glove Fit Type
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Choose the desired dominant glove color that you wish. Variations with the chosen dominant color will be included. (i.e. choosing Black will include Black combinations such as Black/White, White/Black or Black/Silver)
Outer Material:
Outer Material
Choose the desired dominant outer glove material. Nylon is a traditional material that provides good durability and breathability. Synthetic leather has a glossy look that is also water repellent, durable and lightweight.
Price Range:
Price Range
Adjust the slider to set up your exact price range.
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CCM Hockey Gloves Senior

  • The CCM CL 500 Hockey Gloves are the premier hockey gloves in CCM's lineup, perfect for advanced to pro level play. The CL 500 glove is extremely protective because the fingers and backhand contain UFOAM, providing notably lightweight NHL level protection.

    Colors: 5
  • The CCM CS 400 Hockey Gloves are optimal for intermediate to advanced level play because the protection, mobility, and durability are precisely engineered within its structure The protection region has been accurately segmented to increase mobility when stick handling; therefore, players are able to achieve maximum movement.

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  • The CCM C300 Hockey Gloves are ideal for an intermediate level player who seeks a lightweight glove that offers high-end features. Also, these gloves present the Rima III black Nash palm with Rima III print overlay, which advances stick responsiveness and durability.

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  • The CCM C300 Pink Hockey Gloves offer a vibrant hot pink accent and are just what you need to support breast cancer awareness all throughout the year. The exterior features nylon materials with polyurethane trim, which is durable and adds some nice pop!

  •  The CCM C200 Hockey Gloves are a comfortable and protective glove ideal for entry to intermediate level play. They provide a solid level of protection in the fingers, backhand and cuff due to the double-density ethafoams.

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