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The Breg ABL (Ankle Brace Lock) provides a premium level of ankle stability for the weekend warrior, or high level competitive athlete who enjoys sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, skating, hockey, or tennis. The ABL is different from competitor's brands by employing both a nylon/lycra shell for comfort along with nylon ankle straps for the increased support around the ankle. Made of a breathable, stretch nylon/lycra weave, this Breg model features a low profile wraparound design that is easier to fit around the ankle joint. It has two non-stretch stirrup straps along the sides that provide support against inversion and eversion twisting movements. This brace is suitable for individuals with ankle instabilities.

Breg ABL Ankle Brace Features:

  • Features breathable stretch nylon/Lycra weave material for more comfort and a better fit inside any athletic shoe.
  • No-stretch stirrups provide ample support against inversion and eversion.
  • Easy wraparound style provides support and is easy to apply.
  • This Breg model is an excellent alternative to taping the ankle.
  • Perfect for athletic sports such as football, hockey, skating, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and tennis.


  • Acute Mild-to-moderate ankle sprains
  • Chronic ankle injuries and swelling
  • Arthritis

Available Sizes: Choose the correct size based on typical shoe size.

  • XS: Men's less than or equal to Size 5, Women's less than or equal to Size 6
  • S: Men's 5-7, Women's 6-8
  • M: Men's 7-9, Women's 8-10
  • L: Men's 9-11, Women's 10-12
  • XL: Men's 11-13, Women's 12+
  • XXL: Men's 13+
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