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Better Butt End Hockey Shaft/Stick End Plugs
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Better Butt End Hockey Shaft/Stick End Plugs

The Better Butt End Hockey stick end plugs offer a unique angled grip that allows for a more natural stick position.  The angled design of the end plug allows the wrist to be less bent when holding the stick.  Resulting in a more comfortable and powerful grip.  

The angled end plug allows for a straighter wrist while keeping the blade flat on the ice.  Improving the comfort and grip of the dominant top hand will improve control and increase power.

Offered in multiple degrees to best suit your playing stance.  Click on the different degree images to see difference.

Fit guidelines:  9 degree is the most popular degree.  Ideal for players of average height playing with the proper hockey stance.  Lower degrees are ideal for taller players or for players with less knee bend.

Sizing Guidelines: Available in senior and junior.  Generally fits most sticks and shafts.  Some shaving my be required. 


  • Material:  Hardwood
  • Angle design benefits:
    • Offers a more natural feel
    • Keeps hockey stick blade flatter on the rink - Better for puck handling and receiving passes
    • Better top hand grip of your stick
    • Ergonomically correct for a wrist shots and snap shots
    • Increase leverage on stick for more powerful shots
  • Adds length to a stick or shaft
    • Senior size-adds 4.5"
    • Junior size-adds 4"
  • Easily cut for custom length
  • NHL Approved
  • Pre-glued-just apply heat and insert into hockey stick or shaft
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Comments: I'm 5' 03" and I found the 9 degree angle to work perfectly! I no longer had to over compensate with the bending of my wrist and arm to get my blade to lie flat on the ice...Get it!
From: LeBeau, Sun Valley, ID

Comments: Solid end plug that fit easily into my Easton composite shaft to add a little extra length. Just used a heat gun to warm up the butt end of the stick and slid this plug right in and let it cool.
From: Steve

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3 Degrees

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Sr 2+

5 Degrees

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Sr 2+

9 Degrees

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Sr 2+
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