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The Bauer Vapor APX hockey shoulder pads are the premier shoulder pads in the Vapor line.  The APX shoulder pads offer a pro level of protection while maintaing a great range of motion and a lightweight feel due to the different types of foams Bauer has used.

 Bauer has used a combination of foams to achieve a lightweight and very mobile shoulder pad.  On the outer portion of the body Bauer used its Vent Armor foam which is a lightweight but dense foam with perforations to allow ventilation.  Bauer used a very dense foam called Aero Foam on the outer parts of your chest and upper ribs.  The APX shoulder pads also feature Bauer's Vent Armor Composite Foam which is the Vent Armor Foam fused to plastic to provide you with the highest protection in the upper stomach, the chest, shoulder caps and the bicep guards.  The extended core protection is removable if not wanted.

The APX shoulder pads have a one-piece front and back panel design but have several segments which allows the pad to wrap well around your body and retain coverage.  Bauer has integrated the Free-Flex system into the shoulder caps and bicep guards.  This system allows the pads to move within each other providing you with the maximum mobility while maintaining the coverage of the pads.

 The APX shoulder pads feature the 3D THERMO-MAX+ liner.  This liner has moisture-wicking materials that hep regulate body temperature and prevent the build-up of odors and mildew.  A 3-demensional feature has been added to maximize the overall comfort. 

  • Model Number: 1039084
  • Heritage:Vapor X60
  • Level of PlayIdeal for advanced to pro level of play
  • Bauer sizing guidelines:
    Pad size / Player height / Chest circumference
    Small / 5'5"-5'9" / 36"-40"
    Medium / 5'7"-5'11" / 38"-42"
    Large / 5'9"-6'1" / 40"-44"
    XL / 5'11"-6'3" / 42"+




  • Protection:
    • Lightweight Vent Armor composite
      • Shoulder caps, sternum plate, spinal plate, and bicep guards
      • Vent Armor foam fused to a plastic for exceptional protection 
    • Vent Armor foam panels 
      • Chest and side rib panels
    • Aero Foam arch support
      • very dense foam protects clavicle area and outer chest
    • Removable extended core pad
  • Liner:
    • 3D Thermo-Max+ liner
      • Moisture wicking, helps regulate body temperature, and prevents the build up of odors 
      • 3D print for added comfort
  • Fit:
    • Multi-segment upper body design
    • Adjustable length bicep guards
    • Free Flex shoulder caps and bicep guards
  • Weight: 
    • 1088 grams (Medium sized shoulder pad)
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Comments: Good shoulder pad overall. Comfortable and protective. Only dislike I have is the 2-piece bicep guard. You would think it adds
additional protection, but it actually creates too much bulk and length in the upper arm, interfering with elbow pads.
From: Chad, CA

Comments: Won't help during tornadoes. -Severe weather geek and huge hockey fan
From: Nathan, Lowell, MA

Comments: These are just amazing!!!! So much protection and so mobile and light! They dry out super fast and are never in the way. dont even feel getting hit at all anymore. Best shoulder pads out there for the money! Buy!
From: Simon, Canada

Comments: These shoulder pads are a great lightweight, protective product allowing for excellent ventilation and a close comfortable fit.The protective padding is located in all the right places which allows for excellent coverage and optimal mobility during play.The low profile shoulder pad gives you a nice streamline fit yet are as protective as any other product on the market. These are amoung some of the best elite shoulder pads available for hockey players and I highly recommend them if you are into advanced play.
From: John, Ontario, Canada

Comments: Awesome product! Incredibly light, but really protective! My favourite shouldper pad!
From: Roman, Vienna, Austria

Comments: Great protection they are pretty much the same thing as the x60s but white I love them though great protection and feel good when your wearing them. I would recommend them to anyone that looks into buying them.
From: ??

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