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The Bauer Vapor APX Hockey Shin Guards are the top of the line shin guard offered in the Vapor line up.  This shin guard features free flex construction added to the caps giving the player an increased range of motion for improved on-ice performance.

The APX offers great protection with features like the Vent Armor foam lateral insert, pre-curved knee donuts and the segmented adjustable thigh guard.  The outer shell has a ribbed design that helps disperse impacts throughout the shin guard.

The shin guard is attached with an anchor strap across the calf and knee for a tape like fit.  The wrap around strap on the lower leg ensures the shin guard stays in place the whole game. The liner is constructed out of 3D Thermo-Max+ that offers a very comfortable fit and great protection.

  • Model Number: 1039053
  • Heritage: Vapor X60
  • Level of Play: Ideal for advanced to pro level play
  • Bauer sizing guidelines:
    Shin pad size / Player height 
    13" / 5'5" - 5'9" 
    14" / 5'7" - 5'11"
    15" / 5'9" - 6'1" 
    16" / 5'11" - 6'3"
    17" / 6'1"+


  • Protection:
    • Lightweight Vent Armor composite protection
      • Shin cap construction
      • Calf wrap construction
    • Vent Armor foam lateral insert
    • Pre-curved knee donut
    • Segmented adjustable thigh guard
    • Segmented removable liner with venting
    • Multi density foam joint protection
    • Extended knee wing protection
      • Dome technology
    • Shin sling
    • Free Flex lower cap for added protection and increased mobility
  • Liner:
    • Segmented removable liner with extended thigh pad
      • Dual-density
      • Fully adjustable for custom fit
      • Vented
    • 3D Thermo-Max+ liner
    • Combination of Thermo-Max+ and comfort foam materials to make up the liner
  • Fit:
    • Tapered fit design
    • Anchor wrap strap across calf and knee
    • Wrap strap lower leg closure strap
    • 3D Thermo-Max+ liner
  • Weight
  • 606 grams (14" shin guard)
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Comments: Best pair of shin guards I've ever had. Lightweight, plenty of protection, comfortable, I don't know what else to say. You won't be disappointed.
From: Rob, Santa Barbara, CA

Comments:  I love the tapered design, these are ergonomically the best shin guards on the market for me. I wear my shins behind the skate tongue so the "hinged" design at the bottom of the shin guard is a great feature. You can always tell when a piece of equipment is awesome because you don't think about it during the game. Well done Bauer.
From: Travis, VA

Comments: Great shin pad. Nice and light with plenty of protection. Normally used to wearing shins over skate tongue but enjoying the change. The narrow tapered fit allows the bottom of the shin to fit nicely behind skate tongue and doesn't interfere with movement. The strap system is ok but
could have been done a little better.
From: Jason, Australia

Comments: Best pair of shin pads I have bought to date. The strapping system feels like the equivalent of tape however is simple to strap and unstrap. The removable calf protection is also a plus. One of the most unique features is the ability to move the protection above the knee cup up or down for increased protection or increased mobility.
From: John, MA

Comments: Very high level of protection and the tapered design fit close to the leg. There are very comfortable and also stay cool during game. The con is the strap system does not make the shin pads stay one tight.
From: Kyle, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Comments: These shin pads are awesome. They offer great protection with the right amount of taper to fit comfortably underneath the skate tongue. The anchor strap system works great and keeps the pads in place for the whole game. I'd highly recommend these and wish I bought a pair sooner.
From: Steph, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Bauer Hockey Shin Guards Senior

  • The Bauer Vapor 1X Shin Guards are the flagship shin guard in the Bauer Vapor lineup, featuring the best technology that Bauer has to offer. While it uses the standard injection molded knee cap, the 1X shin guard showcases Curv® composite technology. 

  • The Bauer Vapor X900 Shin Guards provide lightweight, elite level protection while still keeping the player as mobile as possible with top-notch technology. The base of the thermoformed plastic shin cap features the Free Flex Cap which allows the pad to flex and move with a player's normal skating stride, all while keeping the protection in place.

  • The Bauer Vapor X800 Shin Guards features the traditional two-piece thermoformed shin and knee cap, and added top-end technology toward the base. The X800 showcases the Free Flex shin cap which allows for uninhibited skating and maximum flexibility without sacrificing protection.

  • The Bauer Vapor X700 Shin Guards is the entry level shin guard with the perfect amount of protection and mobility for the recreational hockey player. With a comfortable and removable interior foam liner, the X700 provides comfort and additional impact protection that is removable for quick drying.

  • The Bauer Supreme TotalONE MX3 Hockey Shin Guards are the flagship model in the Supreme lineup with a lot to show for it. Bauer culminated their very best technologies and placed them in the MX3 to create one of the most protective shin guards on the market to date. Their newest additions from the NXG is the FleXorb technology in the knee sling and 37.5™ technology in the liner.

  • The Bauer Supreme 190 Hockey Shin Guards offer elite protection and performance without having to break your bank. The Supreme 190's are outfitted with technologies like Poron XRD™ foam in the interior knee for a 90% reduction in impact energies to protect you from injury.

  • The Bauer Nexus 1N Hockey Shin Guards are the flagship shin guards providing top notch protection and coverage. Underneath the molded knee cap, the 1N features Seven+ Technology™ to dampen the energy from impacts. Seven+™ tech is molded cylindrical foam pieces designed to absorb repeated impacts with high level protection and responsiveness.

  • The Bauer Nexus N9000 Hockey Shin Guards provide solid lightweight protection with an asymmetrical fit that's designed to best contour to the natural shape of the leg. Both the knee and shin caps feature a molded PE construction, with a ribs for energy dispersion and vents for airflow. Around the knee, the N9000 features medium density foam wings, including an adjustable lower thigh guard above the knee. 

  • The Bauer Performance Street Hockey Shin Guards are designed specifically for street hockey and to create the most flexibility with the perfect amount of protection. Using two separate plastic shells for the knee and shin, the street shin guards allows you to run and move your legs easily. The gap between the plastic pieces is perfectly spaced so a ball won't strike in between the two. Beneath the plastic shells is a vented foam with a mesh liner that boasts breathable and flexible protection.


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