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The Bauer Vapor 7.0 hockey gloves offer a great range of motion and protection for intermediate to advanced play.  The Vapor 7.0 gloves have the same design as the Vapor APX's but with a couple of different features and materials.

Bauer has used a combination of synthetic leather and cable mesh for the exterior on the Vapor 7.0 glove. This offers great durability and a nice balance of breathability and lightweight feel.

For protection the Vapor 7.0 features dual density foams throughout the glove from fingers to cuff offering a great advanced level of protection. Bauer has also given the Vapor 7.0 glove plastic inserts in the fingers for additional protection. Bauer has used their Free Flex technology in the wrist and thumb for improved range of motion without sacrificing any protection.

The Vapor 7.0 has a soft Clarino ivory nash palm for a nice feel on the stick while keeping it really durable.  The Thermo-Max liner helps wick away the sweat keeping your gloves as dry as possible.

  • Model Number: 1038963
  • Heritage: Vapor X:40
  • Level of Play: Ideal for intermediate to advanced play
  • Fit Guidelines: Tapered fit -  Closer fit in the fingers then opens up in the cuff. Ensures that that glove moves with the hand without reducing wrist mobility
  • Sizing Guidelines: Size varies on personal preference, see sizing chart below


  • Exterior:
    • Synthetic leather - Located on the outer points of the glove for great durability
    • Cable mesh - Exceptionally light, breathable, and durable
  • Protection:
    • Plastic inserts in the fingers for improved protection
    • Dual density foams throughout the glove for an advanced level of protection
  • Palm:
    • Soft Clarino Ivory Nash palm
      • Traditional feel with added durability
  • Liner:
    • Thermo Max+ - Soft feel with moisture wicking properties
  • Fit:
    • Tapered fit - Closer fit in the fingers then opens up in the cuff. Ensures that that glove moves with the hand without reducing wrist mobility
    • Segmented back roll - To follow the natural hand movement in playing position
    • Three piece index finger
    • Free Flex Cuff - Allows for increased wrist mobility without sacrificing protection
    • Free Flex Lock Thumb - Allows for forward flex without compromising the protection bending backwards
  • Sizes:
    • 13" , 14" , and 15"
  • Weight:
    • 272 grams (based on 14" glove)
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Comments: First once i took these out of the box i was really impressed by not only the look of these gloves the feel. i have not used them yet so this is just a first impression review but they seem very well put together and not cheaply put together. the navy blue white and red looks amazing. the only downside is the tags are kind of big
From: Joe

Comments:  Lightweight glove that's pretty much ready to go off the rack.  Flexible fingers and very breathable.  Good mobility in the wrists and a snug fit in the back of the hands and the fingers.  The APX Pro might have a nicer palm but this palm is the same as the old and popular 4 Roll Pros.  Holds up well to slashes and general wear and tear.
From: Michael, CT

Comments:  Best gloves on the market, very lightweight, still offer tons of protection, great wrist mobility while still offering a slightly tapered fit so the gloves don't feel like your hands are swimming in them. Plus they look great too, save your money and get these over the APX, these have pro palms and are lighter weight, not too mention less money.
From: Travis, VA

Comments: These gloves are absolutely sick. The protection is truly awesome. I play travel and for my school team and they have held up very well. I have not recieved one injury wearing these gloves. Not to mention the performance is amazing. Dangle,Snipe,Celly! The palms as well have not ripped and remain soft. Which gives an awesome feel. They have just the right amount of movement in your wrist. I have had these gloves for at least 3 months not one problem. I recommend these gloves to everyone!
From: Bobby, Malvern, PA

Comments: One outstanding glove. Great break in, smooth feel right off the bat. Has strong protection all around and really nice mobility. I've had them for about 2 months now, no holes or anything. The standard crusty feel after use but no defects what so ever. The look is sick as well, it's a good part of what drew me in. Took about a 70 mph wrist shot off my hand (which ended up deflecting top blocker bar down) and didn't feel a thing and only scuffed a quarter of an inch of white paint off, the shell is like a tender's blocker! That should be the buying factor right there!
From: Jared

Comments: Great glove. Awesome protection and comfortable. I had the gloves for about six months and wore a hole in the palm. Bauer did take care of it for me though (which was A+). Overall I would recommend.
From: Ted

Comments: Good gloves, I like the look and the fit is great if you like tapered fitting gloves. No restrictions in wrist mobility and the gloves are very light weight. After a few months I have almost no wear at all on the palms and they still feel soft and have no smell. Im happy with them and I can tell they are going to be very durable, Id recommend them to everyone, great gloves for the money.
From: Kyle

Hockey Glove Finder

To find your glove size, measure (in inches) from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm, double this number or multiply by 2 and that will give you the correct size. Below is a general sizing guideline for additional information.
Glove SizeAgePlayer WeightPlayer Height
8" 4 - 7 40 - 60 lbs. 3'3" - 4'1"
9" 6 - 9 50 - 70 lbs. 3'9" - 4'7"
10" 8 - 11 60 - 90 lbs. 4'3" - 4'8"
11" 9 - 12 70 - 100 lbs. 4'5" - 5'
12" 11 - 14 80 - 110 lbs. 4'11" - 5'4"
13" 14+ 120 - 160 lbs. 5'5" - 5'9"
14" 14+ 140 - 180 lbs. 5'7" - 5'11"
15" 15+ 160 - 200 lbs. 5'9" - 6'1"
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Choose the desired dominant glove color that you wish. Variations with the chosen dominant color will be included. (i.e. choosing Black will include Black combinations such as Black/White, White/Black or Black/Silver)
Outer Material:
Outer Material
Choose the desired dominant outer glove material. Nylon is a traditional material that provides good durability and breathability. Synthetic leather has a glossy look that is also water repellent, durable and lightweight.
Price Range:
Price Range
Adjust the slider to set up your exact price range.
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