Bauer TUUK Lightspeed Fusion Edge Steel Runners Sr (Pr)
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Bauer TUUK Lightspeed Fusion Edge Steel Runners Sr (Pr)

The Bauer Tuuk Lightspeed Fusion Edge Runners features a combination of steel and aluminum and are designed to fit in the all new Tuuk Edge Holders. These runners also include the Tuuk LS Edge Tool that allows you to change your runners out in seconds. This innovative construction reduces the weight by 27% versus a standard stainless steel runner.  Weight at the extremities, like the runner, is the hardest weight to move for the body.  Therefore, reducing this weight by 20-30 grams makes a big difference.  At full extension during a skating stride taking just 1 gram out of the runner is equivalent to removing 4 grams from the boot!  With the Tuuk LS Fusion runner's weight savings of 27%, the player will notice a difference in the skates weight and performance. These runners are sold in pairs.

  • Model Number: 1041844
  • Holder Compatibility: Tuuk LightSpeed Edge 
  • Bauer General Sizing Guidelines
    Size / Length / Compatible Skate Sizes
    Sr. 6 / 254 / 6.0D-6.5D  (5.5EE-6.0EE)
    Sr. 7 / 263 / 7.0D-7.5D  (6.5EE-7.0EE)
    Sr. 8 / 272 / 8.0D-8.5D  (7.5EE-8.0EE)
    Sr. 9 / 280 / 9.0D-9.5D  (8.5EE-9.0EE)
    Sr. 10 / 288 / 10.0D-10.5D  (9.5EE-10.0EE)
    Sr. 11 / 296 / 11.0D-11.5D  (10.5EE-11.0EE)
    Sr. 12 / 306 / 12.0D-13.0D  (11.5EE-12.0EE)
  • Replacement Runners for:
    2013 Vapor  /  APX2, X100, X90, X80, X70 and X60
    2014 Supreme  /  MX3, 190, 180, 170 and 160
    2014 Nexus  /  8000, 7000, 6000 and 500
    2015 Vapor  /  1X, X900, X800, X700, X600 and X500
    2016 Supreme  /  1S, S190, S180, S170 and S160
    2016 Nexus  /  1N, N9000, N8000 and N7000  
  • 27% lighter than standard stainless steel
  • Highest grades of stainless steel and aluminum fused together by epoxy and rivets
  • Replacement steel for Lightspeed Edge holder
    • Does NOT work with non-Edge Holders
  • Includes the LS Edge Tool for easy removal of the runners
  • 9 ft radius
  • These runners are sold in pairs
  • Same sharpen life as the standard runners
  • Senior sizes 6-13

It's always a good idea to carry in your bag an extra set of runners so you never miss a shift.  Check out Bauer's Tuuk Lightspeed Service and Travel Kit for a convenient storage case that will save your bag and preserve your runners.


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Comments: Not too happy with these fusion runners. Do not sharpen these blades with FBV, they will bend very easily due the materials used to keep these blades light. Mine just cracked last night in a middle of the game. I wish STEP Steel would make blades for EDGE holders. I decided to go with the regular edge runners instead of another pair fusions. It may be a little heavier, but way more durable.
From: Anthony, San Jose, CA

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Sr 6 9 Days
Sr 7 2
Sr 8 2+
Sr 9 2
Sr 10 2
Sr 11 1
Sr 12 1
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