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The Bauer Supreme TotalONE NXG Hockey Shoulder Pads use Bauer's lightest and most protective materials available, offering top notch protection with unbelievable mobility. The NXG shoulder pads are customizable with adjustable bicep guards, adjustable shoulder caps and a removable belly guard.

The TotalONE NXG shoulder pad utilizes a revolutionary design in the shoulder caps that softens impacts by 25% compared to traditional HDPE shoulder caps. This not only protects the player giving the hit, but the player receiving the hit too. The front of the pad is extremely protective with the layering of high-density foams backed by PORON® XRDTM foam in the sternum area. The front three layers work together to provide excellent mobility while keeping protection in the right spot at all times. 

The bicep guards also help to maintain mobility and protection with it's two piece floating design. The upper bicep guard is adjustable to allow a player to change where the bicep protection sits on the arm. The collar bone is well covered with Bauer's Arch Protection, or a layer of high-density foam sitting on top of two layers of a medium-density foam.

  • Model Number: 1041147
  • Heritage: Bauer Supreme TotalONE
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
  • Bauer Sizing Guidelines:
    Shoulder Pad Size / Player Height / Chest Circumference
    SR SM / 5'5" - 5'9" / 36" - 40"
    SR MD / 5'7" - 5'11" / 38" - 42"
    SR LG / 5'9" - 6'1" / 40" - 44"
    SR XL / 5'11" - 6'3" / 42"+


  • Protection:
    • PORON® XRDTM in the sternum for top notch protection 
    • Molded Vent Armor foam caps softens impacts by 25% vs. previous TotalONE shoulder caps
      • Provides protection for the players giving AND receiving hits
    • Vent Armour foam in the mid-body and ribs
    • HD foam inserts in chest and spine
    • Poly reinforced bicep guards
    • Removable abdominal protection pad
  • Liner:
    • Thermo-Max+ comfortable soft feel with great moisture wicking properties
  • Fit:
    • Perforated foam panels for lightweight breathability
    • Patented free flex chest panel construction
    • Adjustable segmented Free Flex bicep guards
    • Adjustable shoulder caps
  • Weight:
    • 1,065 grams (Based on a Senior Medium)
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Comments: I've ordered these shoulder pads and used on the ice right after the delivery. Some of the protective equipments require you some break in time, but these pads don't need one.

-Fit and Customization.
To start with, It was very comfortable wearing right off the box. It's not too tight to body or too loose. I found out that there was velcro attached not only at the kidney area, but also on the second panel of the front part of this shoulder pad. This allowed me to make the pads tighter to my body and whenever I felt like playing with looser fit, than I strapped it to the velcro on the kidney area. This might be a minor thing to some people, but for me, customization in such a small area is important, and I'm pretty sure that nobody will hate the product for extra customization.

I've blocked some shots that was heading towards my upper body area, and received some hits during the game. You know what, shoulder pads did it's job very, very well. Not only the front part was very solid, but the kidney area is very well protected by vent armour foam, which Bauer is putting on their every single Supreme products, and some others. These vent armours are very protective, and I personally love the material. I don't know if the vents on it reduce weights but, these pads are also light, when you consider the protection that this pad offers.

-Range of motion.
So the Bauer Supreme totalone nxg protective line was first anounced with the term "Anatomical Fit." To be honest, I am a foreigner, and I didn't notice what it meant at the first time I heard the term. But anyways, I don't know if that anatomical fit helped it or not, I definately felt very natural when moving, or maybe comfortable moving. That means' there were no restriction towards your movement what so ever. I was not impressed at the first glance when I looked at the product. Don't get me wrong, the design was sick. But some of the pads that offers great design, sometimes lacks on the free range of motion, and I never felt any restriction, whether I was taking a wrist, snap, slapshots, and skating.

I know this review was very long. But I was very impressed with this product and I really wanted to express my feelings to those people who are hesitating to buy this product because it looks heavy, bulky, restrictive, or pricey. Believe me, the pad worth every single penny out of $149.99.
From: Sol, Arlington, TX

Comments: Absolutely love this product. First to start with, great free range of motion. There are no restriction towards your body when your moving what so ever. Great protection, and very sick looking pads.
From: Sol, Arlington, TX

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