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The Bauer Supreme TotalONE NXG hockey blade is going to offer top notch blade performance. Bauer used lightweight TeXtreme construction makes this featherlight without sacrificing strength. The power Core 3 provides power and puck feel along with the Aero Foam II heel to help balance out the shaft/stick combination.

  • Heritage: TotalONE Blade
  • Level of Play: Intermediate to advanced level of play
  • Shaft CompatibilityTraditional shafts
  • Weight: 148 grams (based on PM9 curve)


  • Construction:
    • Lightweight TeXtreme construction
    • Composite construction
  • Hosel:
    • Standard hosel size
    • Lightweight TeXtreme construction
  • Core:
    • Power Core 3
      • Power Core 3 is unique foam reinforced with aramid fibers to absorb impact energy for increase blade 'feel' while adding blade strength
      • Aero Foam II provides torsional stiffness to prevent blade deflection


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Comments: Comments: Awesome blade, I have it paired up with the TotalOne NXG Shaft and it shoots very similar to a one piece. I got the P88 curve and have some serious kick on snappers. I've played about 6 games with it over the last 2 weeks and it is holding up extremely well, no chipping at all. The blade is extremely light and isn't too pingy. Catching passes with it is effortless. Decent feel for the puck, as good as it would get with a two-piece set up. For someone who pretty much only breaks blades this is a great deal for a strong blade that will hopefully last me a few months. I will not hesitate to buy another TotalOne blade when this one goes.
From: Nick, NJ

Comments: I got this blade with the Bauer Supreme One.5 shaft because ice season is ending and the inline season is starting here in TN and I didn't want to destroy a really good one piece composite so I got this 2 piece so when the blade inevitably breaks I can get a new one and throw it on there. I got the PM9 Stamkos curve and it is superb. My wrist shots get a little bit more lift on them now so I don't have to focus so much on the mechanics of getting the puck up, it naturally lifts because of the blade, which helps me get more power into the shot. The materials kind of surprised me on this blade, it felt kind of like there was some kind of aluminum in it, which I found odd, but if it increases durability I'm all for it.
From: Alex, Philadelphia, PA

Comments: I've been using this blade for about 5 weeks now I'd say. I play in a men's inline league once a week and do drop-in and stick & puck on ice a couple of times a week. The blade has held up great so far; I take more slapshots than anything. It's marked up pretty good now, but I haven't found any chips or cracks at all. It's paired up to a Warrior AK27 shaft and I feel it's a nice, light combo. Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with any other combos or one-piece sticks to compare it to, but I love the weight and feel of it. I would, and probably will, buy another.
From: Nathan, Kansas, USA

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Bauer Traditional Hockey Blades Senior

  • The Bauer Supreme TotalONE MX3 Traditional Composite Hockey Blade is a premier option in Bauer's blade lineup. The MX3 Blade has the same internal construction as the blade in the MX3 stick. It features the new PowerSense 2 Technology that provides maximum shot power by strategically utilizing a softer core. This softer core creates more puck contact time during the shooting process, storing more energy in the shaft that will be unloaded into raw velocity. 

    Curves: 5
  • The Bauer Vapor APX2 Traditional Composite Hockey Blade is the top of the line Vapor blade featuring many of the technologies seen in the APX2 stick. The TeXtreme® carbon fiber is the checkers seen throughout the blade which is 20% lighter than traditional carbon. The all new Aero-Sense blade core turns back the hands of time to replicate and improve on one of the best blades to date, the X:60. Unlike the original dual-density APX, this new blade core is single density to provide players with unbelievable puck feel and pop.

    Curves: 3
  • The Bauer Vapor X90 Traditional Composite Hockey Blade is a great middle of the pack composite blade. Whether you are a novice or an advanced level player, this blade will get the job done because of how well it balances lightweight performance and durability. It features a 3k carbon fiber construction that surrounds the Aero Foam III blade core to provide a highly consistent puck feel from heel to toe. 

    Curves: 4
  • The Bauer Vapor Traditional Composite Hockey Blade features a traditional PU blade core that provides a good puck feel and great pop. The blade is constructed of a carbon and fiberglass material blend to balance performance and durability.

    Curves: 1
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