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The Bauer Supreme One90 Goalie Leg Pads offer outstanding protection and supreme comfort for the butterfly style goalies that are playing at a high level. MYFLEX technology allows goalies up to 4 different flex options, completely changing their pads performance.

Bauer is proud to introduce patented MYFLEX technology in their Supreme ONE90 leg pads. MYFLEX technology allows goalies to adjust the flex of of their leg pads by inserting foam rods at the break points. MYFLEX technology gives goalies up to 4 different flex options, changing how their pads perform. These butterfly style pads were specifically designed to cover maximum area in the crease.

The face of Bauer's ONE90 pads are made from durable high quality synthetic leather. Stiff dense foam is used throughout the face of the pad providing suburb protection and comfort. Synthetic leather material is also used on the side construction along with nylon material and Bauer logo embroidered for professional look. Nylon fabric is used on the inner liner, and heavy duty nylon stitching is used throughout the pads.

The Bauer Supreme ONE90 leg pads use a flat face design and triangular outside roll providing a large blocking surface that will help control rebounds. Protecting the thigh area is an integrated under-pant thigh protector with 2 elastic adjustable straps. The thigh protector is made with nylon and mesh materials, great for breathability. Molded knee caps and plastic inserts are added protection for the lower thigh and upper knee caps. To provide a customizable fit for the knee, Bauer is using their Adjustable Knee Lock, or (AKL). The AKL allows you to adjust the height and positioning insuring a snug comfortable fit. Securing the upper portion of the pad is two nylon straps with with adjustable plastic buckles. Their is three adjustable leather straps that lock the lower portion of the pad in place. Two of these straps lock the calf into place, the third being the boot strap. Toe ties are also available keeping the lower portion of the pad in direct contact with the skates.

  • Model Number: 1000536
  • Heritage: Bauer Supreme ONE80
  • Level of Play: (Intermediate)
    • Roller: Up to Professional
    • Ice: Up to Advanced
  • Playing Style: Butterfly


Shipping Note:

Excluded from shipping promotions. Ground is only $9.75 per shipment. Please refer to the Shipping Page for further information. Must ship via FedEx/UPS only - No Postal Service


  • Exterior:
    • High quality synthetic leathers used in the face of the pads
  • Protection:
    • Lightweight butterfly style design and construction
    • Integrated under-pant thigh protector
      • Contouring design
      • Mesh liner for breathability
      • Removable
    • Stiff high density foams used to provide advanced level protection
  • Face:
    • Square/thin profile construction
    • Pre-curve multi-flex (Soft flex) flat face design
  • Outer Roll:
    • MYFLEX technology - customizable flex options
    • Triangular outer roll design
    • No visible breaks in outer roll
  • Inner Roll:
    • Two-piece flat inside glide support for gapless ice contact and stability
    • Large flaps provide great 5-hole coverage
    • Ultra-thin profile
  • Knee Stack:
    • 3-piece knee stack design
      • Inner Layer - Thin, soft foam layer
      • Middle Layer - Thick, dense foam with poly insert to provide shock absorption when dropping down
      • Outer Layer - Thin, extremely dense foam to provide great durability and a smooth sliding surface
        • The outer layer is adjusted with nylon strap with quick release metal buckle to hang a bit looser to provide more coverage or tighter to provide a more traditional feel
    • AKL system: Adjustable Knee Lock system allows you to fully adjust or remove the inner most layer of the knee stack
  • Calf Wrap: 
    • 3-piece calf wrap design
    • 1/2" thick outer calf wrap to help prevent straps from rubbing leg and provide additional protection
    • Two foam pieces with nylon lining wrap directly around the leg when straps are tightened
    • Additional foam insert for added support 
  • Leg Channel:
    • Ergonomic leg channel design
    • Heavy duty nylon with soft foams
      • Comfort and impact absorption
      • Allows for quicker pad rotation
    • Measures about 5" wide
  • Boot Channel:
    • Pre-formed boot channel - Allows the leg pad to fit directly over the skate, allowing the leg pad to be much closer to the playing surface
  • Straps:
    • 1.5" elastic loop strap on extended upper thigh guard
    • 1" elastic velcro strap on the lower portion of the thigh guard
    • 2" dual layer elastic velcro strap on the inner knee stack
    • Two 1" nylon buckle straps around the thigh and knee 
      • Both of these straps are adjustable for customizable fit
    • Two 3/4" leather straps over calf
    • One 3/4" adjustable leather boot strap
    • Toe bridge with laces to secure the fit around the skate
  • Note:
    • +1" Sizing is standard on the One90
  • Weight:
    • 4.75lbs (Based on a Intermediate 31" +1" leg pad)
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