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Bauer Supreme 1500 Goalie Sticks Yth
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Bauer Supreme 1500 Goalie Sticks Yth

The Bauer Supreme 1500 Goalie Stick is the most affordable stick out of Bauer's lineup, making it a great option for the goalies that like a traditional wood stick.

The shaft of the 1500 goalie stick uses a 19-ply birch laminate to provide great strength and stiffness. The paddle of the Supreme 1500 goal stick is primarily aspen with fiberglass-reinforcement on the sides. The softer aspen wood provides some shock dampening while the fiberglass helps with the strength of the stick. The blade uses a fiberglass wrap to provide additional durability and stiffness to the blade. A nice feature of the 1500 goalie stick is the wearband that runs from the paddle down through the blade on the bottom side. That wearband contains Kevlar® to provide even better durability.

The Bauer Supreme 1500 is a great choice for goalies needing an inexpensive stick that offers great durability.

  • Model Number: 1036509
  • Heritage: Bauer Supreme 1500
  • Level of Player: (Youth)
    • Roller: Up to Advanced
    • Ice: Up to Intermediate
  • Sizing Guidelines:
    • Regular = Stick used in the Right hand
    • Full Right = Stick used in the Left hand
  • Construction:
    • Wood construction
  • Shaft:
    • 19-ply birch laminate
  • Paddle:
    • Aspen fins with fiberglass-reinforced sides
    • Wearband on the bottom side containing Kevlar®
  • Blade:
    • Fiberglass-wrapped, solid ash with wearband on the bottom containing KEVLAR®
  • Grip:
    • Smooth Paint coating over wood
  • Weight:
    • Grams (Based on a 21.5" paddle)
  • Paddle Sizing Guidelines:
    • Bauer Measurement = Universal Measurement
    • 21.5" = 21.5"
    • Universal Measurement is taken from the top of the handle to the first point of contact with the playing surface (heel).
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Bauer Goalie Wood Hockey Sticks Junior & Youth

IW Hockey offers various Junior and Youth Bauer wood and foam core goalie sticks to choose from including Bauer Supreme. Wood and foam core goalie sticks tend to be slightly heavier then composite sticks but offer increased durability, improved shot dampening, traditional feel and are generally less expensive than composite goalie sticks. For more information check out the IW Hockey learning center page on how to Select and Size a goalie stick.
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