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The Bauer Supreme 1500 Goalie Stick is the most affordable stick out of Bauer's lineup, making it a great option for the goalies that like a traditional wood stick.

The shaft of the 1500 goalie stick uses a 19-ply birch laminate to provide great strength and stiffness. The paddle of the Supreme 1500 goal stick is primarily aspen with fiberglass-reinforcement on the sides. The softer aspen wood provides some shock dampening while the fiberglass helps with the strength of the stick. The blade uses a fiberglass wrap to provide additional durability and stiffness to the blade. A nice feature of the 1500 goalie stick is the wearband that runs from the paddle down through the blade on the bottom side. That wearband contains Kevlar® to provide even better durability.

The Bauer Supreme 1500 is a great choice for goalies needing an inexpensive stick that offers great durability.

  • Model Number: 1036508
  • Heritage: Bauer Supreme 1500
  • Level of Player: (Junior)
    • Roller: Up to Advanced
    • Ice: Up to Intermediate
  • Sizing Guidelines:
    • Regular = Stick used in the Right hand
    • Full Right = Stick used in the Left hand
  • Construction:
    • Wood construction
  • Shaft:
    • 19-ply birch laminate
  • Paddle:
    • Aspen fins with fiberglass-reinforced sides
    • Wearband on the bottom side containing Kevlar®
  • Blade:
    • Fiberglass-wrapped, solid ash with wearband on the bottom containing KEVLAR®
  • Grip:
    • Smooth Paint coating over wood
  • Weight:
    • Grams (Based on a 22.5" paddle)
  • Paddle Sizing Guidelines:
    • Bauer Measurement = Universal Measurement
    • 22.5" = 22.5"
    • Universal Measurement is taken from the top of the handle to the first point of contact with the playing surface (heel).
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