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The Battle Sports NHL Team Mouthguards is a great way for you to protect your mouth while supporting your favorite NHL hockey team. Whether you have braces or not, the Perfect Fit Technology™ is designed to give the player the best fit and comfort. Battle Sports Ever-Mold™ advanced composite ensures that you can get the perfect fit, even if you get your braces adjusted. Just re-boil and re-mold.

Battle Sports mouthguards are engineered by dental, medical, and athletic professionals, so you know you're going to get a mouthguard that is going to protect your teeth. Each mouthguard has top and bottom jaw stabilization to minimize jaw movement upon impact and the bottom teeth barricade prevents damage to your lower row of teeth. Each package comes with 2 mouthguards with opposite color schemes.

  • Model Number: 1500
  • Tether: Convertible
  • Battle Sports Recommended Sizing Guidelines:
    Size / Age in Years
    Adult / 10+
    Youth / 5 - 9
  • Construction:
    • Top and bottom jaw stabilization to minimize jaw motion on impact
    • Air flow channels allow the players to breathe easier without sacrificing performance
    • Bottom teeth barricade protects lower teeth
    • Created by dental, medical, and athletic professionals
  • Fit:
    • Ever-Mold™ Advanced Composite
      • Gives the player the perfect fit even after having braces adjusted
    • Perfect Fit Technology™
      • Assures the player extreme comfort
    • Convertible fit - Mouthguard comes with optional tether so you can attach it to your helmet or remove it for a sleek look


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Battle Sports Mouthguards

  • The Battle Sports 2 Color Mouthguards are a great choice for someone looking for a mouthguard that will give them solid protection. The Battle Sports mouthguards are made of Ever-Mold™ composite which allows the player to re-boil and re-mold their mouthguard for the perfect fit. A bottom teeth barricade protects your lower teeth on impact while air flow channels promote good breathability.

    Colors: 7
  • The Battle Sports Fang Mouthguards give you the same great protection and feel as the original Battle Sports 2 mouthguard but with a sweet fang graphic printed on the front to give you a custom look. These mouthguards stabilize the top and bottom of your jaw to minimize jaw motion on impact and the Ever-Mold™ composite integrated into the mouthguard gives the player a perfect fit even if they get their braces adjusted. Just re-boil and re-mold. 

    Colors: 9
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