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The Alkali RPD Comp Roller Hockey Skates are an excellent middle of the pack skate with a gentle price tag. The RPD Crew Skate features a stiffer AEPE Molded Quarter Package, a one-piece Labeda Movement Chassis and the new Labeda RPG Gripper Wheels.

Alkali showcases the Labeda Movement Chassis that was designed to work hand in hand with the Maximum Power Transfer outsole. Seen when looking at the bottom of the skate, the second wheel from the toe is recessed into the boot to give players a lower center of gravity, a greatly improved turning radius, a better overall balanced feel and a more efficient energy transfer process through each stride. Also helping with speed is the Abec 9 bearings sitting in the dual urethane core Labeda RPG wheels that can be used indoors and outdoors. The new Alkali Pro Roller Last is widened in the forefoot by 2 mm, providing even more comfort and helps to accommodate more foot sizes.

  • Heritage: CA5
  • Level of Play GuidelinePerformance
  • Fit Guidelines: General fit aspects of the Alkali boot are med-high volume, narrow-med heel pocket, medium-wide across top of foot and forefoot and toe box. Aggressive stance.
  • Sizing Guidelines:
    • For players with a shoe size 9.5 or smaller, select a full skate size (1.0) down from your shoe size
    • For players with a shoe size 10 or larger, select a half skate size (1/2) down from your shoe size
  • Quarter Package:
    • AEPE Molded Quarter Package
      • Provides strategic stiffness and support in key areas
      • Excellent heat moldability after being baked for a true personalized fit
    •  Reduced Toe Spring
      • Decreases the angle of the boot from the balls of the feet to the toes
      • Allows players to get over the front of the skate and power through strides
  • Ankle Foams and Heel Support:
    • HyperLock L Pads
      • Memory foam ankle pads strategically lock heel for maximum power transfer
    • Flexible Tendon Guard
      • Allows players to achieve a full extension
  • Liner:
    • Tac-Lite Nylex Liner
      • Comfortable and durable liner that wicks away moisture
  • Tongue Construction:
    • Three-Piece 7mm White Felt Tongue with an Anti-Lace Bite Insert
      • Fully ventilated for good airflow without sacrificing protection
      • High Density foam offers solid protection and heat moldability
  • Outsole:
    • Maximum Power Transfer (MPT) Nylon Outsole
      • Built-in low profile wheel channels designed for the Movement Chassis
  • Frame
    • Labeda Movement One-Piece Aluminum Chassis
      • Fully extruded and stamped for excellent strength and durability
      • Recessed second wheel gives the player a more aggressive skating stance and a lower center of gravity
        • Greatly improves balance, has a more aggressive turning radius and allows players to get more out of each stride
      • Size 6.0 = all 76mm wheels
      • Sizes 7.0 - 13 = all 80mm wheels
    • Alkali Square Flush Two-Piece 6mm Axles 
  • Wheels:
    • Labeda RPG (Rocket Proppelled Gripper) Wheels
      • Dual-urethane core for an awesome balance of durability and grip
  • Bearings:
    • ABEC 9 608 Bearings
  • Weight of a Size 9D skate: 1,224 grams
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Comments: I've always been a mission/Bauer guy. Always on the hi-lo set up. These were my first all 80 mm skate, and it took me a second but now am in love with them. Baked them to my foot threw some waxed laces on and they were perfect! the only thing to make the skate better would for it to be a little stiffer for my liking, but that is just me nit picking. The only con i have for this skate is on my right skate the back wheel ripped from the inside of the rim if you will? It is the Labeda RPG wheel. i am a fan of labeda but this set me back a step i have only been on them twice on sport court and that happened! Pretty pissed about that!
From: Daniel, AZ

Comments: I decided to try these skates after 15 years of using Mission brand skates. I have wide forefeet but not wide feet in general, so it has always been hard for me to get skate fit. These skates have been the best fitting pair I've ever had. Heat molding was easy. I baked them in a conventional oven on a baking tray. I was really impressed by how hard and solid the newly molded boots were. They boot quality is that of much more expensive skates from other brands.
From: N, NYC, NY

Comments: I got these for my son because he is starting hockey and he loves them and he says they are comfortable thank you inline warehouse
From: David, Trenton, TN

Comments: I tried 2 other brands of skates I found in local sporting goods stores, and I had a tough time using them,since I haven't played online hockey in over 18 years, I thought maybe I was just out of practice. I had an issue with my left foot feeling off balance,as well as severe ankle and pains in my feet. From being frustrated I took a two week break from skate shopping, then I reviewed your videos on various brands of skates. After talking with one of your representatives, I was swayed into trying these Alkali RPD Comps. I went down 1 and a half shoe sizes as advised by this person. When I got the skates they felt a bit snug in the toe box, but otherwise comfortable and sturdy. When i hit the roller rink (I haven't started hockey yet, just obtained all my gear) I was pleasantly surprised that my left foot was no longer unstable, and I barely had to stride to make myself move. When I did try to push I was passing people that I couldn't even keep up with weeks ago. I attribute that to the abec 9's. Where as I felt unstable and wobbly before, now I was confidently racing around, crossing over and speeding the curves like the old days. I no longer felt the toe box and these Alakli's already feel "broken in", but I may just oven heat fit them any way. Can't wait to play my first game, all I can say is, I am one happy customer, thanks Inline Warehouse!!!
From: Jim, Florida

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Alkali RPD Roller Hockey Skates Senior

  • The Alkali RPD Max + Roller Hockey Skates are the premier model in the Alkali RPD + Line. They feature Alkali's new Purlyn boot construction, the only magnesium straight frame set up on the market and premium Labeda Addiction wheels. The combination of these elements make for an elite level skate that is bursting at the seams with agility, power and turning aggressiveness. 


  • The Alkali RPD Shift + Roller Hockey Skates feature Alkali's new top of the line boot with it's Purlyn quarter package construction. This new material is an all-in-one package; it's very lightweight and fully heatmoldable, it offers a ton of stiffness for skating power it is more impact resistant than ever before. 

  • The Alkali RPD Crew + Roller Hockey Skates pack a ton of value for the price. The nylon quarter package offers plenty support for the beginner or recreational player, plus it's fully heatmoldable for a truly customized fit. Alkali designed the quarter to put players in a natural hockey stance by reducing toe spring and giving the boot an aggressive yet still comfortable forward pitch.

  • The Alkali RPD Lite R Roller Hockey Skates feature ton of value for an entry-level skate. Alkali used a heat moldable quarter package that gives the beginner or casual skater plenty of support and stiffness. The pro-inspired, two-piece white felt tongue has injected high-density foam through the center; providing enhanced comfort and protection.

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