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Considered to have one of the most hardcore street skating teams, Universal Skate Design has been revolutionizing the blading world since 1997. They offer the most molds of any other aggressive boot company and encourage skaters of all ages to continually push the envelope to improve, adapt, and evolve. USD is one of the main developers in blading's biggest worldwide collection of skate manufacturers, the Conference, and is commited to promoting and supporting street skating while continuously focusing on innovation in hardware and technology.

Looking for a more customized USD aggressive inline skate? Check out our Custom Skate Builder where you can combine any available boot, frame, wheel and bearing setup of your choice for that truly unique skate.

USD Aggressive Skates Complete Packages

  • The USD Franky Morales Pro 3 Carbon Skates are the new pinnacle of USD's skate line up, represented and designed by the "Blade Gawd" himself. Like Franky's other pro models, these boots are fashioned after stylish shoes that look good and feel good, while maintaining high levels of durability.

  • The USD Richie Eisler 3 Black Carbon Free Pro Skates have been re-released in a ninja-black outer skin and come as a complete powerblading setup with Kizer Powerblading frames. The boot consists of a new compound of carbon, fiberglass and nylon that mimics the stiffness and durability of a full carbon boot, but at a lower cost. The USD Carbon Free boots are less expensive then the full carbon boots, which provides more skaters the opportunity to join carbon revolution.


  • The newest iteration of this boot, the USD Richie Eisler Carbon Free Grey Skates Boots Only are aggressive inline skate boots that have been re-released and updated with "workboot" style leather outers in a new shade of grey.

  • The USD Carbon 3 White Skates BOOTS ONLY are designed to look like a shoe, and fit like one, with it's softboot hybrid construction. The V.2 cuffs have been enhanced with V-Cut cuffs which improves flex, meaning better performance. A one-piece constructed tongue has been made with different foams allows for greater comfort and better fit. The internal boot has been redesigned, including a reshaped carbon lower, with more flex zones implemented into this redesign, providing a real bonus when jumping or landing. All white with black highlights for that super fresh look.

    Sizes Available: 8.0
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