Considered to have one of the most hardcore street skating teams, Universal Skate Design has been revolutionizing the blading world since 1997. They offer the most molds of any other aggressive boot company and encourage skaters of all ages to continually push the envelope to improve, adapt, and evolve. USD is one of the main developers in blading's biggest worldwide collection of skate manufacturers, the Conference, and is commited to promoting and supporting street skating while continuously focusing on innovation in hardware and technology.

Looking for a more customized USD aggressive inline skate? Check out our Custom Skate Builder where you can combine any available boot, frame, wheel and bearing setup of your choice for that truly unique skate.

Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

USD Aggressive Skates Complete Packages

  • The USD Throne EVO Aggressive Skates are a modified style of the Classic Throne skates that feature extended soul plates, enhancing lock-in potential and providing more sliding surface throughout the boot. A great choice for Classic Throne lovers, skaters that are looking to start out with aggressive skating, or skaters coming over from other boot styles, the Throne EVO boot has been changed up a bit, but still comes with all the great features from the previous generations of Throne boots.

  • For 18 years, the USD Throne series of skates and boots has been a mainstay in the USD line up, and with the introduction of the USD Throne Allstar XV '98 Aggressive Skates, USD has made something considered the best by many, even better. One of the best new features is the addition of the Powerslide MyFit Fat Boy liner.

  • The USD VII Team Aggressive Skates are the newest installment in USD's Team series. Simple construction signifies this workhorse of a skate, but basic it is not. Featuring an extremely durable shell, USD has once again paired it with a great liner, the USD Phoenix Liner, as such found in the USD Classic Throne Allstars for this year. Kizer Fluid 4 Anti-Rocker frames setup with 55mm/90A USD Team Wheels will round out this solid skate.


  • The USD Sway Team Aggressive Inline Skates are constructed as a no-frills, mid-entry level skate that is capable of taking a beating from the copings every day. The boot design is based on the Grycon, VII, and Clan series skates that have now seen their last sunset, but in the Sway we see much of the features that made these popular skates for all levels and price ranges. 


  • For 18 years, the USD Throne series of boots has been a mainstay in the USD line up, and with the introduction of the USD Throne Allstar XV '98 Blue Skates BOOTS ONLY, USD has made something considered the best by many, even better. The classic Throne boot design has features that everyone loves, such as large cavity, contoured hard shell with 2-piece, pre-grooved soul plates, and an articulated cuff with rear v-cut to enhance mobility and flex.

  • The USD Carbon Team XV Aggressive Skates BOOTS ONLY are new base level Carbon boots, with nothing being basic about them. Simple black color style with white highlights are low key, but great looking, and a new carbon-basalt fiber blend has been used to help decrease the weight even more without sacrificing strength and composition.

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