Choosing the right aggressive skate wheels are nearly as important as choosing the right skates. If you haven't already fallen in love with one brand, be sure to try out some of the below aggressive skating wheels made from the most respected brands in the industry.

Most wheels are sold in 4pks unless otherwsie noted. Skaters should always have a backup set of wheels to avoid a skate session being destroyed. No one wants to be sitting on the sidelines while friends are having the time of their lives.

Aggressive Wheel Finder

Wheel Size
Most skates require a certain size wheel. There are several ways to determine what size wheel fits your skate: check what's printed on the wheel or on your frame, check your owner's manual or refer to your skate's online product description, measure the overall height in millimeters.
Wheel Durometer:
Wheel Durometer
The ideal hardness will depend on the surface you are skating on, as well as the skater's weight, ability, and preference. Softer wheels will provide better grip and a smoother roll, but will wear faster.  Harder wheels provide more speed and durability, but may also cause vibrations on rougher surfaces. See our Learning Center for more in depth information on wheels.
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