Inline Warehouse offers a variety of 608 Standard Hub Goalie Hockey Wheels from Labeda, Rink Rat, and Revision to give you the best mobility to stop the puck, whether it be indoors on tile or outdoors on asphalt.
Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

HI-LO Goalie Hockey Wheels Standard 608 Hub

  • The HI-LO Static G Goalie Hockey Wheel is the premier wheel from HI-LO. This wheel offers their pro-level urethane for exceptional grip and durability. This urethane paired with the rounded profile makes it easier to stay low and push off from side to side because the wheels won't slide out. These wheels were poured in the USA by Revision so you won't be getting low-quality wheels.

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  • The HI-LO Clinger Goalie Hockey Wheel offers good performance for the price. The outer urethane is formulated to provide excellent grip while you're in goalie position so you don't slip out. The rounded profile makes pushing off easier so you can move side to side quicker. These wheels were poured in the USA by Revision so you know you're getting a quality construction.

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Konixx Goalie Hockey Wheel Standard 608 Hub

Labeda Goalie Hockey Wheels Standard 608 Hub

Labeda Hockey Goalie Wheels are represented by the Patriot which has a low-profile construction so goalies can get lower to the ground. The slanted inner profile makes it easier to move and slide and the flat outer profile increases stability and balance.

Rink Rat Goalie Hockey Wheels Standard 608 Hub

RInk Rat Hockey Goalie Wheels feature the Identity series which has both the Pro and Lite. The Pro has a dual-pour system with a pro level urethane to increase responsiveness and grip for pushing off as well as stiffness for moving side to side. The Lite has a pro level urethane for that is well rounded in grip, responsiveness and durability.
  • The Rink Rat Identity Crossbar Lite Goalie Wheels offer good performance at an even better price. They're well-rounded when it comes to grip, push-off, mobility and wear. The pro level urethane exterior is stiff enough to allow easy movement but flexes enough for great grip. 


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